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The Grand Success Of A Small Film, “Phir Usi Mod Par” Produced By Dr. Trinetra Bajpai Is A Stingng Slap On All Those Who Saw No Hope For It

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Ali Peter John

Dr. Trintra Bajpai, a leading chemical engineer had spent 18 of the best years of his life abroad, but had not lost touch with his love for Hindi films and music, which he had first found when he had seen “Professor “a film directed by Lekh Tandon, when he was only 11 years old and told his mother, Shantikumari Bajpai, a woman Hindi film writer that they would one day make a film with the same director.

Dr. Bajpai came back to where his roots belonged and looked for Lekh Tandon and whe he found him he was full of joy and decided to make ” Bikhri Aas Nikhri Preet” based on his mother’s novel “Vyavadhan ” which was once to be made by well-known film makers like B.R. Chopra and Vijay Anand .

The serial made for D.D. has been one of the biggest money-maker’s and game changers.
Dr. Bajpai now wanted to make a feature film Directed by Lekh Tandon and they decided to make “Phir Usi Mod Par” which was a subject casting a search light on the burning issue of triple talaq.The film was made with a number of leading T.V. artists who had worked with Lekh Tandon.

Lekh Tandon who is now in his late 80 ‘s and had mostly worked with Shankar-Jaikishan, wanted to have the same kind of music, but he couldn’t, he baptised Dr. Bajpai as the music director of the film. The first major bridge was crossed.

The film got completed, but Lekh Tandon passed away. It was now left to Dr. Bajpai to do all that was needed to release the film.

A leading distribution company, Shemaroo, of which I knew all the members of the family, was approached to see a trial of the film.

They sat in silence as they were sitting in mourning and then one of them went up and ruthlessly screamed and said ” ye kaun se zamane ki film hai?”

A Minister for minority affairs, Mukhtaar Abbas Naqvi, who was a friend of my friend, Devendra Khandelwal, and therefore even my friend, made us run from one hotel to another, with a band of his followers, and finally vanished from Mumbai, without even having the courtesy of letting us know that Devendra, with a stupid smirk, said he had an important meeting in Delhi.

Dr. Bajpai had literally run from one place of power to another until he finally saw that his film was released. His film was screened at the Berlin film festival where he and his actress’ singer wife Kanika Bajpai walked the red carpet.

The film has been a huge hit wherever it has been released, in small centres and big, and drawn media attention and mass acclaim.

It has celebrated two silver jubilees and many respectable awards.

Dr. Bajpai has even won the prestigious award for the best movie director at the Bhubaneswar film festival and the film will perhaps be the first Indian film to be released in mass countries like Indonesia and other countries in the gulf and south east.

In-between all this, Dr Bajpai, has also managed to write two biographies of Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar and in these times, when there is a biography or an autobiography of a known or even an unknown star released every week, which are mostly based on hearsay or sheer gossip, i who have written the forewords to both the books can challenge anyone to write the kind of biographies Dr Bajpai has written and the collection of photographs and the charts of films he has illustrated his magnum opuses with.

What next Dr Bajpai? You who are a man of many worlds.

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