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Mega-Star Amitabh Bachchan’s Mind-Blowing Suggestion During ‘Satta Pe Satta’ Fight Scenes Revealed by Dir.Raj Sippy


Chaitanya Padukone

This year 2020, on Sunday, October 11th, ‘unstoppable’ iconic mega-star Amitabh Bachchan will celebrate his turning 78 years ‘young’! Perfection, punctuality, dedication-to-his-acting-craft, humility and of course resilience are some of the major super-qualities that versatile superstar Amitabh Bachchan is known for.

This year braving all the corona pandemic ‘setbacks’, Bachchan-saab is back on the sets shooting diligently, as the impeccable yet vibrant, charismatic, witty host of KBC-12 on Sony TV.

  Interestingly, last year , on the occasion of his birthday, Amitabh was emotionally moved when the Sony KBC-11 quiz-show-team, came up with an audio-visual of flash-back images along with the inspiring voice of his beloved ‘Babu-jee’ ( celebrated poet ‘late’ Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan). Despite his advancing age of 78 years, tech-savvy, par excellence actor Amitabh Bachchan with his exemplary enthusiasm and passion is evidently far ahead of today’s young generation of actors ; some of whom are quite complacent after having tasted instant stardom.

What distinguishes Amitabh is that he keeps ‘re-inventing’ himself in contrasting roles and ‘experimenting’ with image-defying yet awesome ‘looks and get-ups’ and his amazing C-M-C qualities as the TV show host of KBC. By C-M-C, I mean Common-Man-Connect. In an exclusive conversation with me, eminent veteran Bollywood director Raj ( Daddu) Sippy who directed the Big B in this classic, benchmark musical comedy-action-romantic thriller movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’ (1982).

Besides being such a dedicated, perfectionist actor, who played a ‘double role’ in my movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’, he agreed to wear contact lens ( the hard ones during yesteryears)for his powerful ‘Babu’ humshakal character . Do you know, that in ‘SPS’, it was Amitabh-jee who suggested that iconic action-motivating takiya-kalaam of ‘ chaind khuli ke maind khuli ki’, phrase when I was trying to figure out what lines to use as a pep-up morale-booster during the action-scenes.

This discreet code-phrase was previously used by some fighters during action-scenes, is what Amitabh-jee told me and I instantly decided to use it . What an awesome impact it had on the theatre- audiences. All thanks to Bachchan-saab’s precious timely inputs,” recalls dynamic prolific film-maker Raj N.Sippy. ! My personal experience with Bover the past three decades is that he is frank, outspoken yet benevolent and caring. The Big B took time off from his busy schedule to text me a brief yet brilliant foreword tribute ( with his autograph) for my authored memoirs book R D BurMania and he posted his priceless comments regarding the book on Twitter and FaceBook.

Not just that, the unassuming Amit-jee even connected with me to confirm whether it was okay. The benevolent Big B posted his priceless comments regarding the same book on Twitter and FaceBook. Every time I directly communicate with Bachchan Sr., he responds within 10 minutes, except perhaps when he is totally pre-occupied .

Even then, as soon as he gets time, he acknowledges. When I was not keeping well he sent me a endearing text, saying ‘prayers for your speedy recovery’. Which I guess explains his supremacy, his greatness and yet being grounded with his empathizing nature. Long Live Bachchan-saab– we wish you a super-active, creative, healthy life ahead.