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The Impeccable Bond Between Ssharad Malhotra And His Sister Reema

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Jyothi Venkaetsh

Ssharad Malhotra’s bond with his sister Reema Pawha is impeccable. He intends to surprise his sister by going to Kolkata in case he gets an off. He says, “My sister is my strength. We have had our share of regular brother-sister tiffs during growing up years. She has been always caring. She is just a call away. I do miss her a lot. To me, childhood with her has been always very special. I have realized one thing,  life is all about loving your family.”On the other hand when asked Reema about Ssharad she says,” He is more like a friend and my confidant, we share and discuss everything happening in our lives. I’m truly blessed to have a loving and caring brother like him. He has a busy life of an actor but we do have a lot of chats and calls on day to day basis.”

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