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The Last Success Party That Viju Khote Attended Was That Of Mukjhe Hi Duniya Dekhni Hai


Jyothi Venkatesh

The last party attended by Viju Khote Ji , who, incidentally happened to be the only brother of actress Shubha Khote, was the completion party of the Hindi film Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni Hai, produced , written and directed by Satyaprakash Mangtani and starring Viju Khote with Mukesh Khanna, Jaishri T etc. At the party held at Hotel Rang Sharda, the ailing ac tor received his trophy for acting in the film on women empowerment from producer- actress Sushma Shromanee . Talking about him, Satyaprakash Mangtani, who is readying the release of his film which had been made in Marathi with the title Aai Mala Maaru Naka said, “ Vijuji was a evergreen & great actor, being a writer director I enjoyed with him during the shooting of the film Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni Hai. We will miss him, although he was not well but he attended success party of our film Mujhe Bhi Ye Duniya Dekhni Hai and it was last party attended by him. May almighty bless the departed soul with peace”. Incidentally Satyaprakash Mangtani says that his film Mujhe Bhi Duniya Dekhni Hai has been selected to be officially released in China as the Chinese thoughts resonate with what he has set out to tell through his film. RIP Vijuji on behalf of team

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