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Jyothi Venkatesh

Vaidehi Taman, Editor of Afternoon Voice organised first Media Conclave on the 11th Anniversary of her newspaper and launched the Web portal De Dhakka Desh Chalana Hai in Mumbai. Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Welfare Ashish Shelar launched De Dhakka, a platform to bridge the gap between the common man and the power corridors. State Agriculture Minister Dr. Anil Bonde, BJP Maharashtra Spokesperson Shaina NC, singer and author Sonal Sonkavde, NCP Mumbai President Nawab Malik, Comedian Sunil Pal, Padma Shri Dr. Soma Ghosh, Namrata Thakkar, Adhik Kadam, Uma Rele, Shikha Dhariwal from NEWS 18 were among the panellists. Child artists Nitanshi Goel and Harshita Ojha too were present at the conclave. Afternoon Voice could sustain the parallel media by voicing for the voiceless, sometimes questioning the governance and sometimes defending the government against the odd voices. Its main aim is to live journalism and fight the evil in the fourth estate. The newspaper and its team also aim to fulfill the dream of the Prime Minister to create a better India by taking everyone along. Afternoon Voice celebrated one more year of success as a daily and one of the fastest-growing tabloids from Mumbai that began its journey with a rebellious story 10 years back to voice the opinion of journalists who are imbibed with an idea that newspaper is not a prerogative of a common man.

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