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The Man in Love With His Machines, His Movies, His Books And Above All His Melodies

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Some men are born and blessed with the rare ability of rearing, nurturing and nursing their dreams and they never rest till they realize their dreams, however distant and difficult they may be or seem to be. Their number is limited, but it is such men who are the salt of the earth, they are men with the will of steel who make life exciting, stimulating and worth living. Sometimes I wonder what we ordinary mortals would be without their great and adventurous dreams and how they fulfill them. Mr. Trinetra Bajpai is one such man who I have the privilege of knowing for some time now.

Some years ago Mr. Bajpai saw dreams of making it big as an engineer and with time and all the enlightenment, the energy and the enthusiasm he worked hard to see that he was one of the leading names, a NRI chemical engineer who had built an empire of his own, an empire which grew and spread in different parts of the world.

 Any other man in Mr. Bajpai’s place would have been satisfied with all that he had achieved, sat back and relaxed with his actress–wife, Kanika and his only daughter Anshula. But that was the last thing on Mr. Bajpai’s mind. He had other exciting ambitions and dreams living with him, inspiring him and prodding him on all the time. Mr. Bajpai was always a great lover of Indian films and vintage film music. He was in constant touch with the latest developments in the business of entertainment in Mumbai. He knew more about cinema than many others pursuing various professions in the realms of film entertainment. He decided to give shape to his dreams which he had kept a secret. He launched Kanika Multi scope Pvt. Ltd. (named after his wife) with the ambition to start off with television serials, move on to making feature films and then keep multiplying his activities in ways which would find a way to give of his best to cinema, a love he has been wanting to cherish and chase without giving up. He wanted to make dreams possible and that was just what he wanted to do now.

Mr. Bajpai was a great fan of the veteran director, Lekh Tandon and decided that he would venture out on his mission to fulfill his passion only with Lekh Tandon who he calls his ‘Guru’ and his director in more ways than one. The ‘Guru’ and his disciple met, had several meetings and finally decided to start with a mega serial. The disciple had a favourite subject with him, a novel written by his mother, Shantidevi Bajpai titled “Vyavadhaan”, a novel which had once inspired big film makers like B. R. Chopra and Vijay Anand to make films based on it, but things did not work out then. But now this worthy son of a mother was determined to turn his mother’s book into something which would be a gift to him and to the world. Mr. Bajpai and Lekh Tandon as the captain of the team together gave new life to the novel and the result was a serial never tried before. The result of their ceaseless and creative efforts was ‘Bikhri Aas Nikhri Preet’, a serial they made with all their hearts. They completed the serial which was a very popular serial on DD and ran for almost a year.

And if all goes well Bajpai will continue his adventures in the world of entertainment. Bajpai is planning to make a film in Bhojpuri for which he has been approached by the Government of Mauritius and then go on to make feature films in Hindi which will be very different from the flims made now. Everything that will happen from now on will only be one big step after another. Everything will be as big and as ambitious and as good as it can get. Compromise in quality in something Mr. Bajpai doesn’t believe in his business and will not tolerate when it comes to the business of entertainment. It is something he hates to even imagine because it will be his constant effort to make people realize what ‘difference’ really means and above all because he wants to be known for his passion for excellence just as he is known in different parts of the world when it comes to setting up plants and projects.

 Everything Mr.Bajpai now plans will be on a very big scale and not just in production values but mainly in the kind of subjects he chooses.

 Mr. Bajpai himself is not just a producer who puts in all his money and stands by. He is a man of many ideas and who knows how to put ideas into action. He is a man who works shoulder to shoulder with even the spot boy only with the ambition to have the best. He has a mind which is sharper than the edge of any razor, aware of every minor and the minutest detail about how work has to be done. He is the man on the spot in smooth times and especially in rough times. His ambitions and his passion keep him on his feet and alert, aware and agile all the time. He was looked upon as a leader of the NRIs, the man who has solutions to all kinds of problems. And he is a leader now trying to find his own place as a full-fledged maker of quality entertainment, facing the challenges in the new field he has accepted as a challenge now.

 Mr. Bajpai has a team that knows his mind and his dreams, not everything but at least try to. His wife Kanika, a well known theatre and television actress played an important role in his serial and is also a major source of inspiration for her husband. His only daughter, Anshoula is a writer and she is no ordinary writer because she has done a major course in film writing from one of the major universities of America. She is a young woman of today who has her roots strongly entrenched in the soil of her motherland, a clairvoyant who can feel the pulse of the future. The Bajpais (They are related to Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the veteran music director S. N. Tripathi) are taking every step with all the precautions and whatever the pressures because they know that they have to come up with their very best and have no other choice.

This man, Mr. Trinetra Bajpai is an exceptionally committed man, committed to his dreams and his passions. You have to see his passion, you have to see his dedication and his determination and his discipline and you will have no way but to agree with me. He is the kind of man who will never say no, a man who will not accept defeat come what may. This is not an exaggeration. This is a fact about a man who deserves all that I say about him and whatever I say comes from my soul and my soul never lies, come what or who may.


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