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The Most Precious Gifts The Badshah Has Received

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Ali Peter John

Gifts are something that every human being craves for. It has been a practise since time immemorial. Even the kings and emperors of the good old times believed in exchanging or presenting gifts. If one refers to the New Testament and read about the times when Jesus Christ was born in a manger (stable) three of the most important kings of the time went looking for what was known as the new born King of Kings to pay their respects to the child-king lying in swaddled clothes and brought with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, which meant nothing to the king who was born to serve mankind and save the world…

To this day, there have been kings and emperors and heads of state follow the same practise and whenever they go on an official tour, they carry gifts from their own country and present them to their counterparts.

In this world of Hindi films, we have one Badshah who has been receiving countless gifts since the time he came into the industry, but he has treasured some of the gifts and hold them close to his heart. These precious gifts were presented to him by poor but enlightened father when he was a little boy….

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The first gift his father presented him was an old chessboard whose coins had even grown stale. But his father had a purpose in presenting him with the chessboard. He told his son, Shah Rukh that the chessboard and the game played on it teaches man lessons about the ups and downs of life, the importance of making the right moves, and sometimes even losing the most precious coins (the queen) in order to win the game. Shah Rukh who is now known as the Badshah of the industry and can ask for anything in the world, considers the chessboard his father gave him to follow the rules which his father explained to him as he told him about the importance about that old chessboard which he presented him….

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The next gift Shah Rukh’s father offered him was an old-fashioned typewriter which people now have completely forgotten and the new generation most probably doesn’t even know that there was something like a typewriter and they may be not even knowing how a typewriter looked as they now use every kind of computers to accomplish all their jobs. Shah Rukh’s father knew the typewriter he had given his son was too old and some of its keys were not even functioning. His father had an explanation for this gift too. He said what was typed on the typewriter couldn’t be erased unless some artificial methods were being used to wipe out the mistakes that was typed but the mark would always remain. He told Shah Rukh the typewriter was a lesson in patients, dedication and to go slow if needed if mistakes had not to be made.

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And the third gift was an old box camera of which every part had gone out of order, but the only part that worked was the view finder from which one could have a clear image of what picture one wanted to take, but the camera couldn’t take those pictures which would always stay in the mind and would help whenever there was a need of it in the time to come. The Badshah who lives in his palace, ‘Mannat’ has a special corner for all these three gifts and often looks at them when he needs the lessons his father had taught him years ago.

Shah Rukh’s father also gave him the gift of humour which he said was very necessary to tide over every crisis in life and if Shah Rukh has perfected any one quality in his life, it is the importance of taking everything in life with a touch of humour which he now finds his going out of most of our lives.

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And according to Shah Rukh, the most precious gifts he has recieved from both his father and mother is the gift of life because nothing could be possible without life and everything was possible with life and that is why it was very necessary to take care of life and the lives of others.

I wonder what gifts the Badshah would present to his children, Suhaana, Aryan and Abraham who have everything in life, but what lessons of life would the Badshah give to his children who are now on the threshold of life?

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