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The New On-Screen Jodi Of Malhar Pandya And Monalisa Is Trending 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Malhar Pandya is all set to play Angad in the popular show Nazar and fans of the show are excited about the pairing of Malhar and Monalisa. They have already given this Jodi a name which is #angana. Speaking on that, Malhar says,” Yes! I am getting a lot of messages that they have loved my entry shot & they are praising my physique as well. Half of the messages are about how I maintain such a physique, what I eat, what is my daily workout regime and so on. I am very happy that they have welcomed me so warmly in their favorite show.” Malhar also adds,” Monalisa is a very talented girl and it’s great fun working with her. From day one we have good chemistry and that’s what fans are witnessing and enjoying. Monalisa is a friendly person and that makes it easier. She is very dedicated to her work and so am I. That’s how we connected immediately. I am really happy to be a part of such a team who always support each other. Its been only a week I started working with the Nazar team but I don’t feel new at all as each one of them has made me so comfortable.” What do you have to say about the new hashtag which the fans have given? “Fans are the ones who surprise you with such things and the day my entry episode was aired I started seeing #angana on my social media. I am really thankful to all the fans & Fanclub of Nazar to shower their full support & love on me.”

Malhar Pandya and Monalisa
Malhar Pandya and Monalisa
Malhar Pandya and Monalisa

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