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The Nex Generation Tv Titan Ravi Adhikari (Of Shri Adhikari Brothers) Speaks Out!



Jyothi Venkatesh

Is it OTT a bane or a boon?
At present it’s a big boon because of the closure of theatres and it is the only source of big films or web series for the audiences.

Will it create a competition in business for multiplexes and the already dying single screens?
It is already creating a competition for multiplexes and single screens but frankly speaking, I think we will have to wait till October to get a clearer picture.

Do you feel the audiences are veering towards OTT platforms in a big way post lockdown?
I do feel that the audiences are veering towards OTT platforms as the popularity of Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar and ZEE 5 proves.

Why do you think that today many web series are being acclaimed?
It’s the good content and different stories that are told with good actors with good technical wizardry that is the reason why many web series are being acclaimed of late.

Would a director prefer to premiere his film on an OTT Platform rather than theatres?
Films are being made for the big screen but in these times to recover their
budgets they have to showcase their films on the OTT platforms. But a director
would always like to see his film on the big screen.

Is there a paradigm shift in film prime viewing towards OTT platforms rather than other mediums?
Yes. I do think so.

What kind of a future do you envisage for OTT platforms?
They have a very good and bright future.

Do you foresee censorship for content on OTT Platforms?
Noit at all now, but I think maybe in the future.

Since you have a flair for comedy shows, will you be producing and directing films like Dheet Patangey or similar sit-coms?
Yes. I will. I would like to produce and direct films of all genres.

Were you satisfied with the response to Dheet Patangey?
It got an overwhelming response on our OTT platform Happi Digital.

What was your inspiration to make Dheet Patangey?
My four friends had got four stories in their mind and the script was based on their stories. It was a bromance and a buddy buddy movie.

How did you cast the actors of Dheet Patangey?
I had a professional casting director but their casting was entirely my decision.

Your father Gautam Adhikari was the pioneer of early television entertainment? How do you see it?
I feel proud that my father Gautam Adhikari was a dynamic entertainment titan and it is only in the fitness of things that today I am following in his footsteps.

What is your equation with your brother Kailasnath Adhikari and Uncle Markand Adhikari who are giants in television entertainment as well?
My uncle Markand Adhikari and my brother Kailasnath Adhikari are my support system and both of them are always there for me.