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The Next Format Of Savdhaan India Did Not Require A Presenter, And Hence A New Contract Was Not Signed

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Recently actor Sushant Singh, who participated in Monday’s protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, announced on Tuesday that his association with the long-running TV show Savdhaan India has ended. Sushant, the show’s host since 2011, said on his twitter handle that it was a “small price” to pay for speaking out and the channel Star Bharat is miffed with him for frankly speaking out his mind against the government and hence it has not renewed his contract as the anchor for the show Saavdhaan India . 

A Star Bharat Spokesperson has sent us a statement as follows with regards to his statement thus. It states, “Please carry the quote as shared, we request you to refrain from making any amendments to the same. Star Bharat is dismayed by some reactions regarding a change at Savdhaan India. Savdhaan India has frequently experimented with formats and has used multiple presenters in its 7 year journey. The existing presenter was brought back in October, 2019, with the contract ending on January 15, 2020. The next format of Savdhaan India did not require a presenter, and hence a new contract was not signed. The channel has no political views, nor does it seek to influence the political views of its contracted talent.”

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