The ‘Oscar’ success of RRR has put an end to the debate between North and South films!

naatu naatu

South India’s film RRR, by winning the Oscar Award, has put a lock on the mouths of those people who used to sit for the North-South debate leaving aside the matter of quality and success. The Prime Minister has congratulated the team of ‘RRR’ and told us that it is a victory for India.

South’s star-politician Chiranjeevi has lost his composure, he felt ignorant when he didn’t see pictures of film legends from the south at the National Awards ceremony in Delhi. By becoming India’s first (Make in India) Oscar winner, RRR has put an end to the debate on North-South films.

Of course, there has been a lot of debate about the box office collection report of Bollywood and Tollywood in the year 2022. Many stars of both the film industries got involved in the debate that whose film should be called Pan India film. Bollywood (with its center in Mumbai) produces Hindi films which are played all over India, while Tollywood is the main market producing the language films of the four southern states (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada).

Tollywood movies are played in other places by giving voice (dub) in the Hindi language because the people of North India do not understand their language. Because of this, the battle of translation has been going on in the country for a long time. Now when the world is getting globalized Is. South films are being distributed all over India by dubbing. The trend of the audience watching Hindi films towards South’s action-packed films has increased a lot in the last few years. The situation is that films made in Tollywood have started beating the films made in Bollywood in earning collection. And now, he has won an Oscar too.

The audience for Bollywood films includes Hindi as well as Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Chhattisgarhi, Rajasthani, and North-Eastern states. While the audience of Tollywood films is limited to the four southern states, wherever they may be living. Surprisingly, in terms of popularity, most of the country’s stars (Amitabh, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir, Akshay, and Ajay) are from Mumbai films, while the stars of Chennai films, who are less famous, have their films in business. Are going

The collection report of his films is said to be a huge earner on the collection report of Hindi films. How? Can’t believe it! Come, let’s see what the box office collection report of the highest-grossing films of the last few years in the country says-

We only see the reports of 10 films of 5 years. In the 10 films that have earned (collection) 100 crores in the country, the name of 6 films of South comes, while only 4 films of Bollywood are in this count and 1 film has been from Hollywood.

In the year 2018, the total collection of films was estimated at 4900 crores, of which 3900 crores was the share of South films – that is, 47 percent of the collection was given by Tollywood. There was a similar collection in the year 2019 as well. That is, the total collection was 5200 crores, in which the share of South films was 3900 crores. In the year 2020, when there was an epidemic of Corona, the collection of films’ earnings was said to be only 930 crores.

This was not the era of theater but the time of OTT was going on, then Tollywood films had earned 1230 crores. This means the South was ahead. Similarly, in the year 2021, Bollywood was at 600 crores, while Tollywood’s collection was said to be 1900 crores. In the year 2022, only “The Kashmir Files” is being named in Bollywood’s account while South films (“Pushpa – Part 1”, “RRR” and “KGF – Chapter 2” broke all records of earning Are.

In the year 2017, the Bollywood movie “The Sacred Stars” gave a collection of 858 crores while “Baahubali” had a collection of 1750 crores. Sanju was the highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2018 at Rs 578 crore, followed by South’s 2.0.

Global Star Ram Charan on Naatu Naatu winning Oscar award

In 2019, the Bollywood film “War” had given a collection of 478 crores, and in front of it, the collection of “Saaho” from the South was 433 crores. In the year 2020, the Bollywood film Ajay Devgan’s “Tanha Ji” gave a collection of 362 crores, while the collection of the South film “Ala Vaikunthapuram” was 262 crores. In the year 2021 – “Suryavanshi” was at 300 crores, then “Pushpa-Part 1” went ahead by giving a collection of 370 crores.

The year 2022 has completely turned the collection graph. “The Kashmir Files” has crossed 350 crores as Bollywood’s highest-running film while Tollywood film “RRR” has crossed 1100 crores in its own market “Baahubali 2” (1750 crores). And, “KGF “Chapter 2” has broken all the records. Of course, the Bollywood film ‘Pathan’ has tried to fill the collection graph of films.

Now the debate is going on that who is ahead and who is behind. So must say that the market for South films is definitely hot. South ie Tollywood films, whether dubbed in Hindi or remade, have increased the trend of the audience watching Bollywood films. Today Bollywood stars Salman, and Akshay is able to give hit films by doing all remake films.

Bollywood is moving away from its originality. Bollywood has neither a subject nor a great presentation. While Tollywood films are strengthening their hold on the consumers (viewers) of Hindi films despite being ‘dubbed’ content due to their innovative themes and action-packed making. Bollywood audiences are going gaga over Tollywood movies. RRR has won the Oscars for the first time ever for an Indian film, not least for the song ‘Naatu Naatu’. Naacho Naacho, the Hindi version of ‘Naatu Naatu’, has even beaten the controversial track ‘Pathan’ which was picturized by Deepika Padukone. The same Deepika Padukone has presented the victory of RRR on the Oscar stage. The North-South debate has really come to an end!