The pairing of Neha Raj and Mahi Srivastava mesmerized the audience, 'Nachaniya Ke' released from Worldwide Records

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Another very lovely Bhojpuri folk song 'Nachaniya Ke' from Worldwide Records Music Company has been released among the Bhojpuri music lovers. This song has been sung by popular singer Neha Raj in her sweet and melodious voice. Which sounds very good to the ears. Popular actress Mahi Srivastava has danced fiercely in this song.

Bhojpuri folk song 'Nachaniya Ke'

This video song can be seen on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Mahi Srivastava has shown her acting skills in the video of this song. She is very angry with her husband's behavior and is also warning her husband while expressing her displeasure. Husband turned choreographer Goldie Jaiswal has also given an amazing performance. The dance movements and desi thumkas of Mahi Srivastava and Goldie Jaiswal are a sight to behold. Every time you watch this song, your mood becomes happy. The lyrics of this song are in typical desi style. Its audio video has also been made excellent, the picturization and location of this song has been quite rich. In the video of the song, Mahi Srivastava tells her husband that 'Ab ketano manaiba tu lakh ho, deb tohra ke hum ta talaq ho, hare, kami ka dihani pyaar mein tohke... Gaila mohai woh naginiya pe, kahe dihala dilwa nachaniya ke. ... Neither did our youth get extinguished, why did our dance get disturbed...''
Bhojpuri folk song 'Nachaniya Ke'
Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of this Bhojpuri folk song 'Nachaniya Ke' presented by Worldwide Records. Singer of this song
There is Neha Raj, who has sung in a very melodious voice. The actress has given an amazing performance in the video song. Musician Vicky Vox has decorated this song written by lyricist Arvind Aryan with melodious music. Video director is Vijhel, choreographer is Goldie Jaiswal. All rights of this song are with Worldwide Records.
Bhojpuri folk song 'Nachaniya Ke' publive-image publive-image
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