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The Poster Of Marathi Film Miss U Mister Slated For Release On 21st June 2019 Unveiled  


Jyothi Venkatesh

Siddharth Chandekar and Mrunmayee  Deshpande  will be seen in lead roles in Miss U Mister,a Marathi movie releasing on June 21. Sameer Joshi, who has many hit films and popular TV serials to his credit, is directing the film produced by Deepa Tracy and Suresh Mhatre. The first poster of “Miss you Mister” was released today. Miss U Mister, is a family entertainment revolving around relationships with lots of surprises and twists added to the story and characters in the movie starring  actors like Rajan Bhise, Savita Prabhune, Avinash Narkar, Radhika Vidyasagar etc.

Mrunmayee Deshpande, said, “Miss U Mister is my second film with Sameer Joshi, writer-director of the film; the first one being Mamachya Gavala Javuya. I am playing the role of Kaaveri in the film representing today’s young generation. It is fun working with Siddharth who plays my husband. The story is about how the couple copes up with the challenges and complications that temporary separation brings into their lives. The relationship between the husband and wife has been subtly handled in the film, whose title itself is adequately suggestive about the storyline.

Siddharth Chandrakar says, “Mrunmayee and I have acted together in one act plays during our college days. I enjoyed working with her, a very talented actress indeed! I am playing the lead role of Varun in his film. What’s impressive about our director Sameer Joshi is that he gives full freedom to his actors. The production standards of the film are very high and I am sure that the audience too will like the film.”

Sameer Hemant Joshi, director of the film says, “This is not only the story of Varun or Kaveri, but it relates to every such person living away from the loved one. In this kind of a circumstance, it may lead to strain in the relationship physically as well as emotionally. But what does one need to do to lessen this? The movie has subtly touched upon the solutions.” Sameer Joshi has written and directed the film. Joshi has many hit films including Bus Stop (2017), Mamachya Gawala Jaau Ya (2014), Mangalashtak Once More (2013). He has also directed TV serials like Be Dune Daha, Preeti Pari Tujhwari and Yek Number on Star Pravaah.

Mantra Vision, which is a multidisciplinary production house creating fresh, relevant and reverting high quality contents for films, digital media, television, commercial production including Dance Dramas  like Urvashi. Company’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it is young which gives it courage to take up original and bold subjects that requires a voice and deserve to be in the limelight. Company’s all projects are created with a whiff of freshness & tons of persistence and an undying passion making sure that it delivers nothing but the best for all genre of audiences.

Deepa Tracy and Suresh Mhatre are the producers of the Miss U Mister. Deepa Tracy who has produced films, dance dramas and TV serials, is a self made entrepreneur. Suresh Mhatre hails from advertising field. He has more than 250 corporate and advertising films to his credit. With a degree in Engineering and Management, Mhatre has been in the corporate world for more than 4 decades. The Company in association with Tulsea  had produced a Hindi feature film, “Sulemani Keeda”  in 2014 .

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