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The Richest Indian Flamboyant DJ Sumit Sethi – An Epitome Of King Size Life

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Delhi-born famous DJ and upcoming music composer Sumit Sethi is surely the trending talk of the B-town nowadays. And, interestingly, Sumit’s appeal doesn’t only come from his work, but out of his lavish lifestyle too.

Starting from a vast collection of things, be it accessories, shoes or outfits of the most expensive brands across the globe, to owning a private jet, being a DJ, altogether brings him a charismatic aura. His stardom also includes his passion for traveling. At such a young age, this music star has already explored almost all the countries in the world.

When asked about his luxurious style of living, Sethi smiled a little and said “A super-deluxe life doesn’t always mean you have to own expensive things. The elegance lies within your style of living. Well, nothing can be better if you have both, the expensive things as well as the style!” Such is the glamour and sense of the charm of this new musical sensation of Bollywood.

Known for his super hit numbers ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ (from ‘Roy’), Pink Lips (from ‘Hate Story 2’), Hangover (from ‘Kick’) and ‘Dalinder Dance’ this super-busy musician has already won the hearts of his fans.

Sumit’s Delhi blood and signature style statement is what makes him the richest DJ of our country and an epitome of king size life. The pace with which Sethi is advancing towards the apex of his career, surely indicates that he is going to be the next big talk of the B-town.

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