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The Screening Of Jack Morgan’s Oscar Nominated Documentary Something Like Home (2018) To Be Held At Designup Festival At Bengaluru

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The fourth edition of DesignUp, 12 – 16 November, returns to Bengaluru with a two day conference preceded by three days of masterclasses, workshops and studio tours. DesignUp 2019 will explore the integration of design and technology and aims to raise the design agenda within tech-companies and tech led businesses.Designed as more than a regular conference, DesignUp is an open, ongoing conversation around the theory and practice of design in technology, encompassing emerging technologies and evolving methodologies. Ideas such as data visualisation, shown above by Gurman Bhatia, help us understand pressing issues facing society today including Delhi’s deadly air pollution (top left) and the overuse of plastic bottles (top right). Or interactive design shown in the bottom images from Takuma Nakata, a japanese designer, who utilizes a multitude of sensors to present interactive data. “In tech-led businesses, experience design is a critical differentiator. Design is what makes tech edible and appetising, makes products and services useful and usable. At DesignUp, we shine the spotlight on inspiring stories of design-in-tech, delve deeper into uncharted territories – subjects that won’t be found in curricula for some years more, straight from the researcher’s or practitioner’s playbook.” – Jay Dutta, Founder/Curator DesignUp

With over nine events across the festival, DesignUp will focus on raising the design agenda through experiential conferences, workshops, screenings, talks, design-pop-ups, salons, and much more from 12 – 16 November 2019 in Bengaluru. Day 1: DesignUp starts by giving attendees a taste of the city with a walk through some of the oldest markets, with food tastings followed by an evening exploring Bangalore’s newest love affair – Microbreweries. Day 2: Studio tours for designers provide insight into how design teams function at some of Bangalore’s leading businesses including Make My Trip, Swiggy, Cure.Fit and Titan. Day 3: A series of in-depth hands-on masterclasses with leading international experts including classes on Ethics & Design for AI by Katja Forbes, a class unpacking the buzz around Design Thinking by Andy Budd, and a typography focussed design workshop by Sulekha Rajkumar amongst others. Day 4-5: The two day DesignUp conference at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. Key speakers include: ● Jon Kolko, Partner, Modernist Studio / Founder, Austin Center for Design ● Eric Quint – VP and Chief Design Officer, 3M ● Payal Arora, Researcher, Author, Lecturer Erasmus Univ Rotterdam ● Scott Sorokin, SVP, Global Head of Infosys Experience Design (Infosys XD) ● Ovetta Sampson, Design lead and Researcher IDEO Chicago ● Simone Rebaudengo, Founder Shanghai, teacher/film-maker ● Andy Budd, Founder/Director ClearLeft, Founder/Curator Ux London & Leading Design ● Alysha Naples, Chief Experience Officer, Tin Drum

To facilitate public participation – the Festival includes free access to sections including installations, stores, and the Learning Pavilion not just for practitioners but for students and life-long learners as well. The festival is in collaboration with Adobe, GoJek, MakeMyTrip, HP, PhonePe, NCR, CureFit, Atlassian, FreshWorks, VMware and Chargebee.DesignUp is an open, ongoing conversation around the theory and practice of Design in Technology. It started in 2016 as a Conference evolved as a Festival in 2019 but still remains community-led and volunteer-driven. The community-inspired event encompasses emerging technologies and evolving methodologies. DesignUp has been listed amongst the “world’s most exciting Design events” and labelled the “definitive Design-In-tech conference”. The Festival’s flagship conference is Asia’s premier conference for design-in-tech, and along with a series of diverse events aimed at bringing practitioners, leaders and learners together, fusing insights from around the world – while putting the spotlight on India and Asia.

Jack Morgan talk and the film screening of his Oscar-nominated documentary Something Like Home (2018) will be showcased at DesignUp – a festival that explores the integration of technology and design, in Bangalore, from 12-16 November.Jack Morgan has been working on design solutions for more than a decade and leads the product design and data analysis for Duolingo which acts as a popular language education platform. He has been fascinated by how technology can solve real world problems which led him to write this documentary film which highlights the power of free language education..Something LIke Home follows real-life stories of refugees who have fled war-torn areas from around the Middle East and found hope in the process resettlement after learning new languages. It includes the story of Aleh, who, after being imprisoned in Syria for one year managed to flee to Turkey and learn Turkish through his smartphone. Aleh now works as a teacher and educates children not just in Turkish but also in Arabic and English. Jack’s documentary highlights the power of design innovation and the genuine impact that technology has on the lives of people.

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