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The script of ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ is the only Indian film selected for Gotham Week this year (formerly IFP)


Gotham Week is a prestigious global film market where established and emerging filmmakers get the opportunity to network with film financiers, festival curators, sales agents, and producers – Jyothi Venkatesh

Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha

The annual event brings together some of the best storytellers from films, television, and audio and is sponsored by Netflix, Amazon Studios, Audible, SAGindie and WarnerMedia.

The Gotham Project Week will be held virtually this year between September 19-24th. Fifteen international film scripts from across the globe have been selected for this edition, of which one is ‘Girls Will Be Girls’.

‘Girls will be Girls’ is an Indo-French co-production between Pushing Burtons Studio (Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal), Crawling Angel Films (Sanjay Gulati and Pooja Chauhan), and Dolce Vita Films (Claire Chassagne).

The team recently wrapped up shoot for a pitch video/teaser, which they hope will help with fundraising at Gotham Week and beyond.

The script was at Berlinale Script Station earlier this year and is also the only Indian project chosen for the Jerusalem Film Lab will take place end of August.

Richa said, “We hope to be able to find like-minded investors and collaborators at Gotham Week to join us in making this exciting film. It is a fresh and feminist story, and I believe Shuchi is a new voice in Indian cinema.”

Suchi added, “Girls Will Be Girls deals with gendered power dynamics and female sexuality and I’ve always thought the story would resonate internationally so I’m really happy about this selection.

I hope Gotham Week will be a launchpad for us as we fundraise and build a mostly female crew—I hope people reach out to us,” says Shuchi laughing.