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The Secret Behind The New Shweta Rohira! 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Shweta Rohira has been giving us some major style goals with her well-toned body and flawless skin. This, with a great new hairstyle and clothes to die for, has made Shweta quite the sensation. The actor says that this is all a result of a regular Yoga practice. “It’s a great feeling to know that I and my brother is not letting me cut it. Overall, I feel great because each day I understand myself more and more.Ask her for as style tip, and she says, “The only style tip I would give is to be comfortable and love what you wearing.”

The actor says have groomed myself but I haven’t done anything major. The transformation has happened because of yoga that has helped me to balance mind body and soul. Eating healthy food and enjoying it has helped me reduce my weight. The hair cut is not new, it’s just that my hair is grown that she has no rules when it comes to style. “Once I know the occasion, I let my heart choose from the options I have. My favourite style icon is my mom and my masi, Sania. From my childhood, I have made them my role models. Mom when it comes to traditional outfits and masi when it comes to western,” she says.Shweta loves to keep reinventing her hairstyles. “I love experimenting with my hair and luckily my hairstylist Amanda Carvahello and I have a great tuning, where we together happily experiment and enjoy the process and every new hair style makes me feel like a new me,” she says.

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