The secret of 'Tiger 3', 'Jawaan' and 'Pathan' has been exposed! 'Gadar 2' has earned the producer the most money of all these. Know how?

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The secret of 'Tiger 3', 'Jawaan' and 'Pathan' has been exposed! 'Gadar 2' has earned the producer the most money of all these.  Know how?

The story of the people coming out of the theater after watching the film is a different story and the charts shown by the voluntary organizations giving the figures create a different scene. If you listen to the public then the viewer coming out of the theatre after watching the film tells whether there were 17 people inside, 30 people, or half the theatre was empty. , statistics show that the film reached Rs 200 crore club in 2 days, crossed Rs 400 crore in a week, or earned Rs 1000 crore in two weeks. Whose words are true and whose words are wrong? Even the minds of film priests are spinning thinking about it.

Tiger 3 Big Update: Every Salman's fan should know this Let us look at each film. The most talked about film these days is 'Tiger 3'. This Yash Raj banner film stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi and is directed by Manish Sharma. This film is the third sequel to the previous successful films 'Ek Tha Tiger', and 'Tiger Zinda Hai' in which Indian spy (RAW organization) agent Salman Khan and Pakistani spy (ISI) agent Katrina Kaif. It is said that this film has earned Rs 337.80 crore in India in 19 days. Let us tell you that this film has been made at a cost of Rs 300 crore and Rs 50 crore for release and publicity, it has been made at a cost of Rs 350 crore.


'Jawaan' is the flag-raising film of this tumultuous period and has been said to be the best-earning film before it. Starring Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and South stars, this film is completely an imaginary film made by Shahrukh Khan and directed by Atlee, who has given successful films in the South. It is said that this film has earned Rs 1103 crore, breaking all previous records. The cost of making this film was Rs 300 crore and an additional Rs 50 crore was spent on publicity.


It was said that 'Jawaan' has broken the record of its hero Shahrukh Khan's previous film 'Pathan'. Shahrukh's film with Yash Raj came into the limelight due to a controversial song filmed on Deepika Padukone. It was told that 'Pathan' has been earning thousands of crores of rupees since the first day by defeating its previous hit films - 'KGF 2', and 'Baahubali'. The making cost of 'Pathan' was said to be Rs 225 crore. Additional Rs 50 crore above. The average expenditure of big films is considered to be Rs 50 crores.


Meanwhile, Sunny Deol's upcoming film 'Gadar 2' is under the direction of Anil Sharma. 'Gadar 2' is the sequel to the film 'Gadar' released 22 years ago with the same team. In those times when there was the era of romantic films, Zee TV had given the nationalistic film Gadar, which was everyone's favorite film. The audience welcomed 'Gadar 2' with the same craze. This film also created a stir and Sunny Deol-Ameesha Patel, who had been yearning for a hit for 20 years, got a lifesaver. This film also started moving ahead, beating everyone else in two days' earnings, four days' earnings, and one week's earnings. 'Gadar 2' left 'Pathan' behind in earnings. The flag raised by this film earning Rs 900+ crores was said to be an example. The cost of this film was only Rs 80 crores.

Now let's see how the business math of the film works. By doing such calculations it has been seen that the manufacturer receives only 40% of the cost. After the release of a film, 60% of its expenses include dues, theatre, distributor, censor, promotional expenses, government taxes, etc. Nowadays, big stars (who are said to be paid in crores) become partners by sharing their remuneration with the producer so that they can earn more and more.


Now, look at the percentage of shares given to the producer in the earnings of the films. The earning of 'Tiger 3' in 19 days is Rs. 337.80 crores, the cost is Rs. 300+50 crores i.e. the film has not even recovered the cost yet and the ruckus is going on like this. The producer has become rich from this film. Similarly, if we look at the mathematics of earnings and expenses of 19 days, 'Pathan' has earned Rs 486.25 crore in 19 days. In this way, if we calculate the cost of the film and look at the producer's percentage, everyone's fortunes come to the fore. Whereas the cost of 'Gadar 2' is only Rs. 80 crores and the overheads have also been kept very low, thus 'Gadar 2' is the biggest film of this era to give profit to the producer.


- Sharad Rai

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