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The smart planner Akasa goes slow in exploring equation with Karan Kundra and Prateek ,waiting to unfolding lots of unsaid things and she needs our support the survive on the show


Akasa and Karan are really vibing in the show and they are showing signs of clearly standing out in the show.

Akasa is super smart and she is planning it out really well. She is a happy go lucky girl who wears her heart on her sleeves and she has been developing an interesting relationship with Karan Kundra.

Karan is a known face and has been on prime time for the longest and together with the singer performer they make a brilliant combination of sorts.

People are anticipating the days to come and they are already comparing them with some of the legendary duos of the shows. All she needs is our support to stay in the show and wait for things to unfold.

Akasa seemingly has a soft corner for Prateek and vice versa. She is the only person close to prateek.

Even yesterday when prateek was in tears, she went and consoled him. She let him steal the trimmer without saying anything.

Jay is trying to pick on prateek and when akasa named jay who could betray, jay took it out on them. Jay took it out on the akasa with the nomination.

She has been with Prateek and bearing the brunt as well but we know that loyalty matters most for akasa.

Akasa is a smart planner but she also has a side where she is just bindaas and doesn’t really play into the hands of plotting and running an agenda.

Akasa has shown all the early signs of hitting it out of the park and she is being called names such as silent Assassin, the sleeping death and things like that.

She is gaining great traction and the way she has stood up for the right and made the right judgements even if it was against her friends, it has left the audience spellbound.

What we reckon, is akasa, prateek and karan would make a solid team going ahead and it’s important to keep them together

Akasa is easy to love and impossible to ignore. Let’s pull up our socks and help her stay in the house.

After all, she guarantees us our prime time entertainment and she is a no holds barred woman.