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“The Success Of Classic ‘Masoom’ Was Not Pre-Planned , Maybe It Was Pre-Destined,”Says Its Producer Devi Dutt, A Staunch Ganesha-Bhakt

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Chaitanya Padukone

Noted veteran producer Devi Dutt  ( of  masterpiece ‘Masoom’ 1983 fame)  younger brother of legendary director-actor Guru Dutt ( real name Vasanth Padukone)  religiously observes the Ganesha pujan ceremony since last 59 years. Regardless of whether he is at his Bandra residence , or on a trip abroad  at his U.S.-based son Sanjay’s apartment, he ensures that he and his  wife Chanda Dutt  perform the Ganesh-pujan. The spiritually-inclined  Devi-jee  has  gifted a private album CD  (compiling  a re-mix of 13 devotional song-tracks of top singers) to all his well-wishers.  Not surprisingly,  he holds his elder actor-director-star-maker brother genius Guru Dutt in high esteem as “my Guru-mentor”.  Confides Dutt,  “ It is with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Shirdi ke Sai Baba, that I have experienced many miracles in my life,” smiles the National Award winning ( for ‘Aakrosh’) film-maker who gave Shekhar Kapur his first ‘directorial’ break-thru  in ‘Masoom’  which is also remembered for its Award winning evergreen hit songs by R D Burman.  Over the years, Devi-jee has discouraged any remakes of his masterpiece movie and he has his logical rationale.   “Frankly speaking, a landmark film like ‘Masoom’ should ideally not be remade. Because it’s an all-time unique classic which was made with a lot of ‘heart ‘n’ soul’. The success of ‘Masoom’ was not pre-planned but I guess it was pre-destined.There were lots of spot- improvisations made during the shoot by director Shekhar . It emerged a sterling masterpiece, and  eventually bagged five Filmfare awards. Then there could be inevitable comparisons with the original. Hasn’t it  happened  with  Zanjeer (2013) which got mostly negative reviews and was compared with the original landmark  film Zanjeer (1973)?,” analyses  producer Devi –jee who is also ‘related’ to illustrious director Shyam Benegal and has worked with him as well.

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