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“The Thappad Crew Had The Biggest Team Of Strong Opinionated Women,” Says Dia Mirza


Bollywood in the past decade has witnessed filmmakers trying to shift from masala movies to holding a mirror to society and artists trying to align themselves with movies that speak the truth across all platforms. In a conversation with Dia Mirza, she talks about how Anubhav Sinha has changed as a filmmaker over the years having recently worked with him in his upcoming movie ‘Thappad’ starring Taapsee Pannu. “Anubhav has gained a lot of ‘Anubhav’” says Dia, with movies like Mulk, Article 15 and Thappad, his understanding of what he wants to say in his cinema has changed.

Starting her career with a music video directed by the critically acclaimed filmmaker and later on working with him in movies like Dus and Cash, Dia was looking forward to working with him again. “I was waiting for Anubhav to cast me in one of his movies after watching Mulk and Article 15,” says Dia, and when the script of Thappad came along her way she was more than willing to work with him. Talking about her experience of working with the Thappad director, she stated “I think what I regard as wonderful about Anubhav is that he gives us space and I think he knows when his actors know and understand the nuance of a scene. He is willing to engage with you openly without an ego. If he is clear about a point of view, he asserts it but even in that assertion, he is still open to hearing you out which is wonderful and I think I have been fortunate to work with directors like that in the recent past whether it was Sonam on Kaafir or Raju Sir on Sanju,”

Dia further talks about how artists of today are hungry to engage with society in a way that inspires and motivates them to bring change while also keeping them entertained. She adds “I think this is a very exciting time for us and it becomes even more exciting when you know there are filmmakers who are willing to take that plunge and willing to tell those stories with you. The Thappad crew had the biggest team of strong opinionated women and Anubhav chose to be surrounded by us. That itself says a lot about him, what he believes and what he has evolved into.”

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