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The title song darling tu majhi darling tu of “darling” is a chartbuster


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ever since the teaser and the first look of the film ‘Darling’ were unveiled to the viewers recently, the film is more and more in the news and on every one’s lips. Ritika Shrotri who had mesmerized the audiences with her youthful performance in the film ‘Takatak’ is still alive in the minds of the audiences. The eager fans are agog with a lot of excitement as to what Ritika Shrotri who had been teamed opposite Prathamesh Parab in ‘Takatak’ is going to do in this film in which Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri will be joined in triangular love with Nikkhhil Chavaan. In fact, the title song of ‘Darling’ is all set to rattle the minds of the audiences with its soothing and foot-tapping melody.

The film ‘Darling’ produced by Amit Dhupe, Ajay Thakur, V.J. Shalakha and Nikhil Khajindar, has been directed by Sameer Asha Patil. The title song “Darling Tu Majhi Darling Tu…” sung by Ravindra Khomne , written by Sameer Samant and Mahesh Ogale and composed by the leading music directors of today- the Chinar –Mahesh duo, has been lapped up not only by the youth today as well as listeners belonging to all age groups since it will instantly appeal to one and all.

Though the star pair of Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri is all set to regale the audiences for the second time with ‘Darling’, director Sameer Asha Patil asserts that Nikkhhil Chavaan also has no less an important role and he is bound to charm the audiences with his screen presence in the film ‘Darling’. Sameer Asha Patil also reiterates that the zestful romantic song “Darling Tu Majhi Darling Tu…” will appeal to the listeners with its own inimitable youthful experience. The title itself indicates that the film boasts of a romantic love story.

The producers feel that though the story may not be very new, the way the screenplay takes on the story is something which is novel and hence bound to appeal to the audiences with its twists and turns and a dimension which has not hitherto been explored by any love story earlier and hence the film will prove to be a out and out wholesome package by itself from the time the audiences step in to the theatres to watch it till they come out of the theatres, say the producers. The film ‘Darling’ is scheduled to be released in theatres all over Maharashtra on January 7, 2020.