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The title track of ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2 generates a lot of buzz


Bekaaboo 2 has been drawing incredible amounts of attention for its story. Surpassing the hype around season 1 of the show as well. Creating more buzz around an already exciting show is Bekaaboo 2’s title track – Jyothi Venkatesh

Featuring major moments from the show, the song is here to educate your taste in music with something a little bit different from what you are used to.

The song sets the mood for the show, preparing the audience for the rollercoaster that they are about to experience.

The title track called ‘Betaabiyaan’ has been adorned with music by Sangeet & Siddharth Haldipur. The lyrics were put together by Rashmin Dighe.

The singer, Sangeet Haldipur, deserves a ton of accolades, while Tanay Gajjar did the mixing and mastering at Wow&flutteR.

The lyrics summarise the show exceptionally well, saying that the lines between wrong and right have been blurred. It states that the essence of the show is revenge.

The singers and songwriters have done a brilliant job. Music speaks to the soul, and this track does.

The song is mysterious and dark, making it a good opening track for the revenge-filled show that Bekaaboo 2 is.

The title track shows us Kiyan and his plans for revenge. His anger about losing his throne and reputation as a bestselling author is evident.

The show Bekaaboo 2 is an epic revenge saga filled with mystery and suspense. It picks up from where season one left us.

Anaysha climbs to success overnight with her book, and along with her success, her insecurities and jealousy grow, causing her to do questionable things.

She hurts anything and everything as she tries to maintain her position and keep the best-selling author’s crown. She makes a lot of enemies as a result and also loses a lot of allies.

The star cast in the show consists of Subha Rajput, Taher Shabbir, Priya Banerjee, Poulomi Das, Tusharr Khanna, Taha Shah Badussha, Smaran Sahu and various other talented actors.