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The Trailer & Music Launch Of ‘Khamiyaza – Journey Of A Common Man’


Jyothi Venkatesh

The trailer and  music of the thriller movie, “Khamiyaza – Journey of a common man” were launched recently in Mumbai, in the presence of Pankaj Berry, Roopali Kadyan, Suryakant Tyagi etc besides Hermab Tripathi, Pyali Munsi, Alok Chaturvedi, Vijay Aidesani, Shakku Rana.  Khamiyaza is a story of corruption and brutal system. The story is based on a common man Abhimanyu who dares to save a life of a social worker Satya Prakash without knowing that Satya Prakash is on a political leader’s target. So in return Abhimanyu has to sacrifice his own life for his good deeds. The film has an intriguing title which suits with the story. The film is written  and directed by Deekshit Kaul and produced by Rajesh R. Tripathi, Heramb Tripathi along with Nilu Kaul .The film stars Heramb Tripathi,Pyali Munsi,Alok Chaturvedi,Shravni Sahay,Sunil Thappa,Shakku Rana,Ehsan Khan, Javed Haider,Ritesh Bakshi,Aanand Dev, and Vijay Aidasani.  The songs are by Shaan, Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, Kunal Ganjawala, K.C. Loy and Priyanka Negi. Lyricists Diksha Jyoti, Seema Saini, Arif Rampuri, Jitendra Hansraj Javda and the music directors Sunjoy Bose, Emran Wasim, Jitendra Javda have come up with fervent tracks for the film. Says Deekshit Kaul, “Our film which is slated for release on January 11 2019 is about corruption and brutal system”.

Rajesh R Tripathi , Pyali Munsi, Nilu Kaul, Dixit Kaul, Hermab Tripathi, Shakku Rana (
Rajesh R Tripathi , Pyali Munsi, Nilu Kaul, Dixit Kaul, Hermab Tripathi, Shakku Rana

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