The trailer of Ajay Devgan-Tabu’s film Bhola released an action-packed trailer.

The trailer of Ajay Devgan-Tabu's film Bhola released an action-packed trailer.

The trailer of Ajay Devgan-Tabu’s film Bhola released an action-packed trailer.

Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Deepak Dobriyal, Vineet Kumar, and Bhushan Kumar arrived at the press conference for the trailer release of their new film Bhola. Many questions and answers came from the media. Let’s see what the questions were.

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The trailer of Bhola was released, but along with that the big thing is that it was also released in IMAX 3D, and when Ajay Devgan was asked the same thing, how do you feel that the trailer of your film has been released in IMAX 3D? He said that we have worked very hard for this and all this has been possible because of my entire team and he also thanked his team for this.

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Ajay Devgan told some important part of the film

He said that I had shared some photos on Instagram, in which I was performing Maha-Aarti of Shiv ji, my boat was in the middle and all the people in the boat behind had come to have darshan. All of them were also devotees of Shiva. Maha-Aarti is of 10-15 minutes and that feeling was very divine.

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During the press conference, some questions were asked of Ajay Devgan.

Question – The whole world calls you Mass Maharaja, what do you have to say on this?

Answer- I just have to say thank you to my fans on this matter because it is all their love and because of them I am here. Taking his point further, he also said that ‘I am a simple actor’.

Question – How was the experience of doing activities with Trishul for you Ajay?

Answer – For me, it was very interesting and at the same time very difficult because it was new for me.

Question – Ajay ji, this movie is a remake of the Tamil film Kaithi, so did you talk to the director of that film about some changes?

Answer – No nothing special but yes with whom we are in touch, we are planning something about some future.

Question – Ajay ji, what do you like to do more, directing or acting?

Answer – I just like to work, and I like to enjoy my work also if we talk about Direction and acting so both work goes hand in hand, and both are nothing without each other.

Question – Ajay what are your thoughts while making the film?

Answer – I just think that there should be something new in the movie and the Indian touch must be there.

Question – How different and difficult was making an IMAX 3D film for you Ajay?

Answer – When we have to make a 3D film, for that we have to shoot in a different way and its technique is also different. I would like to say thank you to my team for that.

Question – Ajay ji, we have come to know that Abhishek Bachchan is also in the film and you have kept this secret, so can you tell?

Answer – If you know this is a secret then do you think I will answer it?


Some questions were asked to Tabu during the press conference.

Question – Tabu ji, how difficult was it for you to say yes to Ajay Devgan for an action movie?

Answer – Tabu said that ‘I got a call from Ajay and he said, this is a movie and I need you in the movie, so I said yes to Ajay without asking anything. Continuing her talk, she also said that I have entered this movie with my eyes closed because I have a lot of faith in Ajay that he will not let me get hurt in this action film Ajay Devgan also told that There was a small injury, then Tabu said that it is necessary to look at Battu. Tabu also said that Ajay makes action movies very easy for me because for him action is a hand-to-hand game.

Question – When do you find Tabu ji, and Ajay ji innocent? When he is directing or when he is acting?

Answer – Tabu said, never, although he seems innocent from above he is not.

Question – Tabu, how much preparation did you do for the action film?

Answer – I did not do any preparation, whatever I did, Ajay did it and got it done and also he made everything easy for me.

Question – As we see in films, women police do not spend much time doing the action, but we are seeing in the trailer that you have got it, then it was something different.

Answer – I did something different, and I feel very proud of this. Like my character, in the original it was male but Ajay changed it to female.

Some questions were asked by Deepak Dobriyal in the press conference

Question – We have seen you doing comedy many times but we will see you as a villain for the first time.

Answer- This is the faith of Ajay Devgan ji in me and I am very happy because I don’t think anyone in the industry will believe in me so much.

Some questions were asked by Vineet Kumar in the press conference

Question – How do you feel working with Ajay Devgan for the first time?

Answer – Even before Vineet ji could speak, Ajay ji took the mike and said that we are not working for the first time but for the second time, many years ago we had worked in the film ‘Kachche Dhaage’ and he was the main villain of that film. Now we are working again after many years. After that Vineet ji said you have got the answer, but I do not know why this question was asked, but it felt like asking a child how was the food. It is obvious thing that it will feel good.

questions from Bhushan Kumar-

Some questions from Bhushan Kumar in the press conference    

Question – How was your working with Ajay Devgan and all the team members?

Answer – When Ajay Sir is there, you don’t have to watch anything, everything happens. As you all have seen how the trailer has been made and I am very happy.