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The Web Has The Best Talent I Have Seen So Far, Says Sucheeta Trivedi


From a child artist to playing the role of a mother, Sucheeta Trivedi has been a part of the industry for a long time and has some really good shows to her credit. But the actress is surprised to see the talent on the digital platforms and says that it is the best she has seen so far. Admitting that it has increased the competition, she said, “Web is not lenient in taking actors, it has the best talent I have seen so far. I haven’t seen one mediocre talent on the web. And it has already increased the competition to a different level.”The “Indiawaali Maa” actress accepted that the digital boom is here to stay. Talking about the content, she said, “The content on the internet in the future is going to be extremely futuristic. It’s going to be beyond our thought process, beyond our vision. The people, who started from television, for them it is going to be a big change, but who are born in this era or the next generations they are going to make some crazy content. It has a bright rocking future.”

Well, the content on the internet is very bold, but Sucheeta questions why people make a big deal about it. She said, “I don’t why people make such a big deal about bold scenes, sex scenes, this is all part of life, you just see it onscreen so what?” The “Baa Bahoo Aur Baby” actress, also, asserted that the content is purely based on the audience’s demand. She said, “If there is going to be more viewership because of nudity then be it, because that means the audience wants to watch it and they want to enjoy and get entertained by nudity and sex, so it is not about judging the content, it’s about the judging the demand of the audience. I think because of the nudity and bold scenes there is going to be much more honesty in the content.”

When asked why a certain show is more successful than the other, Sucheeta said, “Very well made content does better than all the other content because of the word of mouth. There are so many films and TV shows being made, there are so many channels already, but the best always wins, right? So I think that the same rule will follow even for the web content. It’s not like that what is shown on the web has not happened in the world, it has happened that’s why it is shown on the web.”