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The Women in Mr. Dutt’s Life !


Ali Peter John

If you ask me (and I have been asked to several times in my life), I believe that if there is one man who deserves the title of Mr Controversy, it will undoubtedly be Sanjay Dutt. He was born for controversy, he has been living with controversy, his life has been a long list of controversies based on love, ambition, adventure, crime, justice and peace and the list can go on if he wants to, but can also stop only if he wants to.

If there is one thing in his life that has never left him even in the face of fire, it is the love of women.

His first ‘affair’ with women was an extraordinary affair between a mother and a son. Sanjay was the son of Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt who had pampered and showered him with love abounding. His father was a very busy man and it was his mother who took all the early decisions for him. She had taken the decision to send him to boarding school and it was she who kept track of his stay and his growth as a boy in a hurry to grow into a man. It was his mother who first came to know about his being addicted to drugs, but she kept it a secret, even from her husband and by the time her husband came to know of his addiction it was too late. And Nargis always blamed herself for not taking the right actin against her only son at the right time. She loved Sanju till her death, with her ambition to see him out of the clutches of drugs incomplete.

Sanjay was also loving brothers of his two sisters, Namrata and Priya and could give up his life for them, but unfortunately could not give up drugs and alcohol in spite of their begging and pleading with him….

Sanju Baba had many crushes while he was a school boy, but he first fell in love with his first heroine in his first film, “Rocky”, Tina Munim. This affair however lasted only till the completion of “Rocky” and Tina fell for the already married superstar on the decline, Rajesh Khanna and they even shifted to a cottage on the Versova Link Road, which it was later discovered was the holiday home of Anil Ambani in Bombay, the same Anil Ambani who Tina fell in love with and married later and left the already shattered superstar in a haze from which he could never recover, even though there were other women who were only too willing to be his support system at a time when he was rapidly falling.

His father was worried for him after his mother died and believe that an early marriage could do some good to his son and so he got Sanju Baba married to Richa Sharma who was the daughter of a family friend in America and had already made her debut in films like Dev Anand’s “Swami Dada” and another sex-waste called “Anubhav” with Shekhar Suman and Padmini Kolhapure in other key roles. Richa quit films, went back to America and gave birth to a daughter who was named Trishaala. Life had just begun being cruel to Sanju Baba. Richa was diagnosed for cancer and could never recover and Sanju Baba was a widower and the father of a kid daughter…

The lover in Sanju Baba however couldn’t be tamed and he was soon linked with one of his other heroines, Rati Agnihotri. It was a two-way love story, but Rati’s father was entirely against the two being a couple. Rati was adamant about marrying Sanju Baba, but her father had his own plans of putting an end to an affair to which he saw no future. When nothing worked to keep Rati away from Sanju Baba, Mr Agnihotri hired spies to take pictures of Sanju Baba in dark and dingy corners where he used to be drunk or stoned on drugs and showed those pictures to Rati, but she was not willing to give up her love for Sanju Baba. Destiny however had other plans. Mr Agnihotri died of a massive heart attack and Rati was married off to a buisnessman in a hush hush manner in a building called ‘Varsha’ in the Janki Kutir area opposite the Prithvi theatre and Rati had to quit films.

There was talk about Sanju Baba having a brief affair with Padmini Kolhapure. But this affair came to a dramatic Anna painful end when Sanju Baba chased Padmini all over the now defunct five-star hotel, The Sea Rock Hotel. He was packed of by his father the very next morning to a rehabilitation centre in America or was it Germany?

Sanju Baba had lost out on some of the best years and best films of his career during the time she was under treatment.

He was then briefly involved with Madhuri Dixit who had done films like “Khalnayak” and was signed to do Rajiv Kapoor’s “Ajanta” with him, but as it turned out, it was supposed to be a publicity gimmick planned by Madhuri’s buisness manager who could have done anything to give a boost to Madhuri’s career.

Sanju was embroiled in the greatest controversy of his life when he was caught in a web of terrorism which led to one charge levelled against him and the most dreaded, hated and loved convicts found love again,this time for keeps.It was during one of his paroles from jail that he met Maanyata,who was an already married woman and had separated from her husband,met her,fell in love with her and married her in a very private ceremony.They have twins,a son called Shahraan and the daughter called Iqra—and Sanju Baba says he has never been so happy and felt so much loved,wanted and at peace at last after he married Maanyata.

This would be the perfect ending for a man whose love stories never came to a successful end and this is just what his sisters,his family and the millions of his fans who are still very loyal to him wish for him.

And I say,may all their wishes for Sanju Baba come true!!!

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