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The World Cup Is Here And We Can’t Keep Calm!


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is around the corner and TV actors tell JYOTHI VENKATESH who they are looking forward to watching play this year and also talk about how cricket has become a religion in India.

Samir Soni 

As far as cricket is considered I feel off late there has been an overkill of cricket matches happening. But still, like any other Indian, I am very excited about the World Cup. To me, the key players would be Bumrah and Virat Kohli.If there is one thing that unites the entire nation regardless of colour, caste, creed and religion, it’s cricket. When India is playing cricket, the whole country comes together and rejoices our success or discusses our failures. Cricket is a religion. If we had as much success in other sports like hockey, football etc, I am sure even those would have been considered a religion in this country too. Cricket has made India one of the top countries. There is more money coming in therefore more people are having interest in it. I hope the other sports catch up. If in hockey we were champions it would have been equally religious like cricket.

Sahil Anand 

I am very excited for the World Cup because I am a very big fan of cricket and also cricket has always been my first love so I am pretty excited. I think Bumrah is the best bowler in the world. I know he is going to rock it. I might have a plan to go to England if I get a ticket. I am trying my best. As soon as I get the confirmation, I will go.I think each and every sport should be given equal importance because no game is above the other. I strongly oppose when people put cricket on top of all the other games. I feel we should give importance to all the games. Hockey is our national game so we should concentrate on that as well, then there is kabbadi, football.

Gaurav Sharma

Well I am really looking forward to the ICC cricket World Cup 2019. I am too excited to see the team back in action. Being one of the best batsmen worldwide, I think Rohit Sharma is a star already. I would love to see a live match but my work won’t allow that.

Ira Sone 

There was lot of eye tonic in IPL and there will be lot of eye tonic in the World Cup as well as players from different countries will be present. Virat Kohli, as a cricketer, is a complete package. I like to watch him on the field though I’m not a huge fan of cricket but I’m a strong believer of promoting sports and outdoor activity. I enjoy watching football over cricket. Sports rather than cricket should be encouraged. Sports education should be mandatory even in boards and we should increase the playground activities.

Samir Onkar

The IPL went well,  I followed it a bit and will surely do the same for the World Cup as well. I feel Pandya will be the surprise package. There is no question of going to England to watch it though, a daily soap actor can’t have such dreams. I agree cricket is very big in India but times have changed. Other sports like tennis, hockey and kabbadi are also picking up.

Tinaa Dattaa

Rohit Sharma should be doing wonders this time. A daily soap actor can’t get such a big break to go to England. Cricket is surely a hyped sport. Tennis, kabaddi, football also exist but they don’t enjoy as much limelight as cricket. Other sports should be encouraged on a mass level. I am open to support and encourage all sports. As a celebrity, I am surely in favour of sports.

Bhanujeet Sudan

I am looking forward for ICC cricket world cup but I don’t think I would be interested to go to England and watch matches because I would be shooting and would not have much time. If these are the three options I would support Rohit Sharma. In India, not everyone plays cricket but everyone loves to watch it. In today’s time if you are a cricketer then you would have so much money, more than any rich businessman. It’s just that if you play cricket you earn a lot that’s why people like to go for it. If people start putting money in games like football and all, believe me they will also get a lot of players then.

Arif Zakaria 

I don’t follow much of cricket. Tennis is my favoured sport and I play it too. But I’m expecting a tough World Cup for India with enthralling matches between India and Australia, England and Pakistan. Cricket is no longer the sole religion in our country. Since many years various other sports have developed rapidly too. Badminton, kabaddi, Football are now gaining prominence. May this momentum gather steam!

Ramman Handa

I’m not much of a cricket fan but yes, being an Indian, I have grown up watching my dad watching the matches and have been enjoying the snacks given to us in between. That was the only interest I had in cricket but I’m glad that cricket has become so famous and has become an international sport and our Indian team has a powerful presence in the game. It makes me proud. I’m excited about World Cup 2019 whether I watch it or not as I expect my country to win and leave another mark of victory in the world. For me, each and every player of our Indian Cricket team is a star. I have my favourite too in the team and that’s Rohit Sharma. Cricket as a sport has become a parallel religion in India but other sports are also in the league and I hope in near future we may be able to see more sports in the same league and with the same passion.

Yesha Rughani 

World Cup fever is on but my daily soap keeps me too occupied to keep a track of the matches. However, my cousins and friends keep me posted, and thanks to social media and technology and the endless updates, I know what’s happening! It is true that cricket is the most loved sport of our country. It’s like a festival. I also believe other sports should be encouraged and given importance at school level as well as at the media level. Sports should be made compulsory in schools and colleges. My all time favourite player is MS Dhoni.

Shiny Doshi


I have grown up watching cricket with my family. I remember we all used to wait for the World Cup to start. Even this year we are eagerly waiting for it. We will surely have a screening at home for all the matches played by India. Obviously, I want India to win and get the trophy. I feel Rohit Sharma will be the star of the Indian cricket team.

Rehaan Roy 

It’s true that In India cricket is given extra Importance and the cricket team has done really well for the country. But at the same time, I feel we all should give equal importance to other sports as well, like hockey, wrestling, badminton, tennis etc. India is full of talent and I’m sure there’s scope for new talents everywhere. All they need is an opportunity and I feel the government should provide that impartially.

Helly Shah 

 To be honest, I don’t really watch cricket but I am always excited when India is playing for the World Cup. My family members watch it and somehow I do get to know what’s happening. As an Indian, I obviously am very excited about the World Cup. I want India to win it this year. Yes, I agree that cricket is given more importance than other sports because other sports need a lot of infrastructure, which cricket doesn’t. I personally loved badminton and played a lot in my childhood. In a country like India, we have a vast talent and we should engage our youth in all kind of sports.

Angad Hasija 

I am super excited about the ICC world cup. In 2011, when we have lifted the cup, I was cheering with my friends and could not sleep. This year, I am hoping team India will repeat history. The team has some great talented players like Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul and seniors like Virat Kohli, Dhoni… they can do wonders. The weather in England will be suitable for our Indian bowlers and will repeat the magic of 83. I won’t be able to go for any live matches but yes, I will be stick to the live updates.

Ssharad Malhotra

Cricket in India is worshipped and post 83 World Cup the hysteria has become more and more. There should be good scope and opportunity from the school and college level then we can develop a strong base in other sports too. We have good potentials in Kabadi and hockey. We should encourage our youth on those streams as well.

Rahul Sharma

World Cup is always special and definitely, I am looking forward to it. It will be very special this year as it will be Dhoni’s last World Cup. I am looking forward to watch Dhoni, I want to see how he is going to perform or do different kinds of things on the field. Apart from Dhoni, Virat is someone I am looking forward to seeing too and definitely Rohit Sharma. He is someone who has played fabulously. My focus on this year’s World Cup would be especially on Dhoni, I am really looking forward some great innings from Dhoni. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to England because of work. From the past 40-50 years, we are mainly focused on cricket and it is very well promoted by every brand or BCCI or the government etc. They promoted cricket so well that it became more popular and exciting game for Indians. I don’t think that other games are not interesting or something like that because football is one of the biggest games in the world but in India, it is not that popular. This is because football is not promoted as they do with cricket.

Krishna Bharadwaj 

Cricket is more like a religion, I guess in India. There used to be havaans, pujas during big tournaments in my locality (Ranchi). I have followed all the matches when India won in 2011. This time also while shooting, I will keep the live update on in my mobile. I have high hopes from team India, the team is perfect and they can do wonders. Dhoni, Virat is our key players and Ravi Shastri’s Ranneeti is going to work. I am sure. Our strength I guess is Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Kartik and Shikhar Dhawan. We want all the all-rounders to perform. I can’t go to England because of my shoot. In India, cricket is hugely popular and after Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, the kids are also enthusiastic to choose this as their profession. In remote places, kabaddi and kho kho are hugely played but metro cities are mostly interested in cricket and football. I feel hockey should be promoted and school and colleges management should take a keen interest.

Jason Shah 

I am hoping caption Kohli leads the team. I am definitely looking forward to watching Bumrah bowl in the finals. IPL was glorious to watch and this is going to be lots of entertainment for sure. If I get time to go and watch a match in England, I would love to. I feel other sports are not given much importance because cricket is the main sport of this country, no other sport was highlighted and showcased the way that cricket has been in India. Whereas all over the world, even in a country like England, they play a lot of different sports. They play cricket, football but that’s because they have the opportunity.

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