The World Heart Day Kranti Prakash Jha Urges People To Be Healthy

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The World Heart Day Kranti Prakash Jha Urges People To Be Healthy

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As he observes World Heart Day , actor Kranti Prakash Jha talks about how he makes sure to keep healthy. World Heart Day, that is celebrated the last Sunday of September, was created to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world's leading cause of death. "I wake up in the morning and I have one glass of aloe vera juice, then I freshen up and do my Pranayam everyday for half an hour, which was taught to me by Swami Ramdev ji. Then I do my Yogasana's and then I go to the gym. That's how I club everything altogether," he says.

The actor urges everyone to take care of themselves. "My suggestion to everyone would be to try and take out half an hour for your heart otherwise your heart will get hurt and that will hurt you and the whole family. The problem would be the amount of money which could be used for the family will go in hospital bills. Why don't you take care of yourself so that you and everyone who loves you remains happy."

He adds, "That's the reason I tell everyone to give atleast half an hour of workout or yoga or walk. My father used to say if the wealth is lost, not much is lost but if health is lost everything is lost. So every person should take out time for themselves. I speak to my heart and thank him every day in the morning. I thank my liver and kidney also in the morning. I thank them because they function well. I am very grateful in the morning. Believe me if you do that every morning you will feel the change. I have taken an oath and I have told my mother that no matter what I will take care of myself so that we don't have to see that time again. I request everyone to do that and take care of yourself."

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