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We are more than delighted that Jagga Jasoos is finally releasing and two days later we'd be a part of this film too. However, we can't really say the same about the promotions of the film. Two reasons majorly dominate that feeling:

1. The awkwardness between Ranbir and Katrina seeps out of the screen and into our lives. They are trying too hard to come across as "besties" but are just overdoing it and failing at it miserably.

2. The promotions have given us some of the biggest fashion faux pas in the lives of both the leads, so far.

When the trailer launch happened we assumed it was just one of those days when one doesn't look their best but that was just the beginning and it continued to get worse with time. So we had to do dedicate an entire post to their promotional looks.

While Ranbir Kapoor is over excited and enthusiastic about the release, his outfits tell a different story. They are so not him. We are used to seeing Ranbir in a suave avatar and not playing hit-and-trial with trends and colours. And let's not even talk about Katrina Kaif's looks. The fact that she isn't really prepped about the new releases is clearly visible from her awkwardness around Ranbir and the outfits she has chosen for the promotions. It’s very rare for her to let us down on the fashion front, so this time is really a downer. 

Here's a rundown of everything that went wrong with the outfits during the promotions

Someone just hit the snooze button in my brain

In this Erdem, skater dress Katrina looks sluggish and boring. I mean the designer has much better outfits to offer, why choose something so dull? On top of that, she decides to pair this with nude heels. Probably her mantra for the day was—just let it be. Ranbir seems to be coordinating with his co-star in terms of the colour palette and we'd recommend him to not try so hard again.

It's pyjamas for promotions

We’d love to have seen her in this Forever new staple summer dress while she was out grocery shopping or probably chilling at night, but this isn't a look you don for promoting your film. Come on! You can do so much better than this Katrina.
Ranbir seems to have stepped out in his favourite sweatshirt and denims. Night wear anyone?

Tailor made?

In this Peter Pilloto, asymmetrical dress Katrina made me gasp in horror. I have just one question for her—why are you doing this to yourself?

Ranbir, on the other hand, looks hassled and the outfit seems to have been decided in a hurry because it makes no sense!

But kudos to the duo on colour-coordinating.

Not their cup of tea

We were vouching for the dress and the look until Katrina was sighted in it. The model looks so much better in the dress than Katrina does. Better luck next time, girl.

Meanwhile, Ranbir continues to look disheveled and he's still trying hard for God knows what. Maybe recreating some of his Rockstar avatar but not really being successful at it.

Playing it safe? Not really!

Ruffled top and jeans? Really!? This outfit isn't a disaster in technical terms because, well, you couldn't possibly go wrong with a jeans and a top, but not when it's your film you're promoting. People dress better than this for their acquaintances' birthdays. Why aren't their colours? Why so dull?
Ranbir is going hand-in-glove with Katrina's look and keeping it dull too and we have no idea why. Maybe he just recently learned the meaning of "twinning".

Sarojini ka maal

What in God's name is this? I've shopped for better clothes at Sarojini. What is hard to fathom is how Katrina is going from bad to worse with each passing day of the promotions.

As for Ranbir, he has somehow managed to pull off this weird look that makes him look skinny an sort of drug-addicty.


We really don't have anything to say about the following looks, but you can find us sulking angrily with a million questions for the stylist and the actors. Why you do this Katrina and Ranbir?

Please end this torture

The last leg of promotions is on now and we are relieved. Genuinely. These outfits have literally come as a shock and we shall take our own sweet time to get over them. These are last. We promise.

We are keeping our fingers crossed because we want the movie to be just the opposite of these looks—way too good. We aren't prepared to be let down again. We've had enough and we believe so have you.

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