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Theaters Have Got More Relevance As A Family Social Meeting Point – Carnival Cinemas

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Carnival Cinemas believes that theaters have got more relevance as a family social meeting point than just being a movie exhibition centre and the relevance from that point of view will never diminish.

Apart from the metro cities of the country we do look forward seriously to the Tier 2,3 & 4 cities of India. We will be providing affordable movie experience to these cities without compromising either on the quality or luxury which the people of major cities enjoy today.

We believe that the experience of watching a movie with a cross section of the population in a theater along with their loud reactions takes it to a different tangent as compared to watching it in the solitude of your drawing room.

Our purpose is to take the people outside of their homes and provide them a complete package of movies, good food, fun for children and ultimately a great time for family bonding.

We believe that movie entertainment in India has become an article of necessity than of luxury. We are very positive about the opportunities opening up and eager to grab them.

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