There are so many things which I am doing for the first time in the leap of Imlie; I am happy and excited : Megha Chakraborty

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Megha Chakraborty

Actress Megha Chakraborty is delighted to be part of the popular show Imlie. Specifically now when the show has taken a leap of 5 years. The pretty actress speaks about the challenges and new traits of Imlie.

She says, "The story has a freshness when a leap happens. There are many changes in the lives of Imlie and Atharva (Karan Vohra). Both of them are separated and Imlie doesn’t know that Atharva is alive. On the other hand, Atharva knows everything, but is angry and living alone with Cheeni (Seerat Kapoor). The story this time will be all about how both of them will meet and Imlie's reaction when she gets to know that Atharva is staying with Cheeni. There is more drama and masala in the story. This is the advantage of a leap that you get to see the freshness along with a progression of the storyline.” Was there any apprehension on playing an on-screen mother?
Megha Chakraborty
“As Megha, there were many questions which came to my mind. As there is a kid of mine in the show now, I think this thinking is quite old now. This is my 6th show and the first time I am playing the role of a mother. I have donned the pregnant look for the first time and have done the delivery scene in the hospital for the first time. There are so many things which I am doing for the first time in the leap of Imlie; I am happy and excited. I am not scared to be typecast as today people see the character. If you are playing a character and the story demands to play a mother then you should do it. The leap is for the betterment of the show.”
publive-imageMegha also shares the physical pain she was into while shooting the leap of Imlie. She adds, "During the accident scene I was not well as I was down with a bad cold and throat ache. There were a lot of running scenes and I could hardly breathe. But as the greatest showman of our country, Raj Kapoor has said ‘The show must go on’ I also followed that. I gave it my best because the scenes are all important and the whole team also puts in a lot of effort. Though at the end of the shooting I was physically drained but I had a great creative satisfaction. And I am hoping that fans of Imlie will like the new story and my performance too.”
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