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There Is Only One Life, So Let’s Celebrate It, Says Rahul Sharma


Jyothi Venkatesh

Rahul Sharma feels that life is short and must be lived happily. According to him, birthdays are the days when he thinks of the last one year, how he has spent that and evaluates what went right and didn’t.

He says, “Since my birthday is close to New Year, it gives me the opportunity to make resolutions. We have only one life, so let’s celebrate it. I am always thankful to the almighty for giving me my life. The first thing I do is call my parents and seek their blessings. Then I go to the temple and pay my respects to God. I believe age is just a number because at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, keep your mind healthy. No matter how old you are, keeping yourself energised is the key. The older I am getting, the wiser I am feeling, more handsome and sexier.”

Rahul also shares that a couple of years back, his friends stole his house keys and planned a surprise on his birthday. And that was one of his most memorable birthdays. Speaking about birthday gifts, Rahul adds, “I would like to gift myself good work because that makes me the happiest. I have also bought myself a new phone and will be going on an overseas trip. I would like to be more kind, polite and generous.”

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