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Celebrities have their own power to influence people on a large scale. Their huge fan following on social media help them to become a bigger star and promote things like their films, shows or even products. Most of them use them the combined power of stardom and popularity for their own profits. But some of the celebs used it to raise their voice against wrongs and to influence people in a positive way.

One of such celebrity is Indian-Australian television actress Saloni Chopra. The proud feminist is very active on social media and not just for posting cute pictures and pout selfies. But for raising her voice against the stereotypes attached to women, rapes and women’s sexuality, and slut shaming. The actress who rose to fame with for her role of a bold, talented and independent girl in MTV Girls on Top. Just like her show in reality also she is vocal about the issues women face in the society and fight for rights through her motivating and fiery Instagram posts.

Here we listed some of her best inspiring and fiery Instagram posts. 



“What’s the worst possible thing you can call a woman? Don’t hold back, now. You’re probably thinking of words like slut, whore, bitch, cunt (I told you not to hold back!), skank. Okay, now, what are the worst things you can call a guy? Fag, girl, bitch, pussy. I’ve even heard the term “mangina.” Notice anything? The worst thing you can call a girl is a girl. The worst thing you can call a guy is a girl. Being a woman is the ultimate insult. Now tell me that’s not royally fucked up.” via @jessicavalenti Full Frontal Feminism . . . . . . . . . . . In addition, it’s true isn’t it? In Hindi when people want to insult men, I’ve heard them say ‘haath mein chudiyan pehen le’… in other ironies, I’ve seen conversations where people are fighting about women rights, and even then, in order to tell others how wrong they are not to understand feminism, we use ‘madar/bhen’ abuses. I’m yet waiting for the ‘Bhai/Baap/Sasur’ abuses directing towards women. How does one possibly insult a man (though we should avoid insulting people altogether but that’s not the point here) without calling him a woman or relating him to one? PS: I admit to using the former abuses myself ALL the time too. The social conditioning is so strong that it’s the first thing that slips off of the tongue. I wonder why . . . . . . ? @pekettepixels #foodforthought #wordporn #beyou #think #girls #feminism

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Is it… my choice? 

Is it… my choice? Recently someone said to me ‘but once two people are married how can it be rape… then I’m her husband. She said yes, didn’t she? Sex between the husband & wife is so personal, why involve the system?’… and it got me thinking – how many people think like this?!? Should Marital Rape be illegal? Or do you think that marriage is a free pass to sex? There are clearly a lot of people out there that think a husband cannot rape his wife. Including relatives, system, society, etc. Do you think once married, the forced act of sex doesn’t count as rape? Is that a personal matter between a couple? Or, does the girl still have the right to say ‘No’ in bed after having chosen to spend her life with you? Can she have sex with you every day but still say no? Is that Rape? And if so, should it become illegal? And why? You already know what I think about this, now I want to know what you think? . . . . . . PS: I’m trying to communicate & understand why people think the way they do. I want to know where it stems from? So please don’t abuse each other just because you have conflicting views. If someone disagrees, that’s fine – that’s normal. Just remember, you can’t change someone’s mind by abusing them and putting them down – instead you’re making them more rigid & shut off. Talk, if you disagree… your opinions are far more valuable than your insults. And anyone that goes on a different tangent of insulting/abusing for no reasons what so ever will be blocked, because it turns out blocking infinite fake accounts is highly therapeutic, it may just have become my new faaaavourite thing. . . . . . Now go on! I want to know what you think? #maritalrape #rape #india #awareness #educateindia #letstalk #everydaymumbai #mumbai #equality #feminism #women #mypussymychoice #foodforthought Photo @photowalktd

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Definition of word Slut!


#Justice For Asifa

I know you want me to talk about this… but the thing is when things like these happen, I’m at a loss of words. I do not know what to say to people… & somehow saying that I’m angry or disturbed doesn’t feel it’s enough. Nothing is. Something inside me died. Of course I am angry. Shocked. Disgusted. Disturbed. Raging. We all are. It’s a very sad, sad time for us right now & I wish for once we’d put aside our pride in our religion & our country. I wish we’d stop being the ‘proud indians’ we all are, as though we’re naive protective mothers of a child that has clearly gone wrong, & instead notice that innocent lives are being taken… they’re being taken in a war that none of us have asked to fight. No one – Hindu, Muslim, from any land anywhere deserves to be killed/raped for the sake of politics or god. I feel… helpless. The thought alone that people felt the need to kidnap, gang rape & kill a man’s daughter to send across a message rages me. She was a girl, so she was raped. Regardless of her age. To send… a message. I can’t get myself to only say ‘we should kill everyone that commits these disgusting crimes’ because I wish we’d also talk about the bigger problem. Justice to me is when we face our faults as a country. The mentality. The gender inequality. The conditioning people have in which women are seen as a family’s dignity & respect. Where men are raised to want to ‘teach her a lesson’. Where in the name of God, Religion, Patriotism – we rape & kill people. Patriotism doesn’t lie in blind love or turning a back to our faults, it lies in accepting our flaws & becoming better. This wasn’t the first, & it isn’t going to be the last unless WE start doing something about it other than giving women names that suggest they are the brave daughters of our country. This breaks my heart & makes me outraged, but our broken & raging hearts wont change anything till we change the minds of the people we call our own brothers and sisters. If I am Hindustan, then I'm not just outraged but also equally liable & answerable for why my people put their God before the lives of the people their God has created. #justiceforasifa #justiceforashifa

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Toxic desire to be… Fair

The leaves aren’t all one shade of green, nor do the trees identify with one solid brown. The sky colors itself in blues that we all conclude as bluetiful. Yet, when it comes to ourselves, we have this toxic desire to be… Fair. White. Snow-like. Light. . . . . . Your skin is beautiful. Regardless of how light or dark you are. But my fairer girls get some love already (followed by the extra pressure of always remaining fair for their brighter future) so this ones especially for the girls that are told they’re not good enough because they’re a different shade of brown to others. Love it. Accept it. Flaunt it. Stop discriminating within yourselves. India is one of those few places where it amuses me when people get irked by darker skin because we’re actually really being racist to our own! People of different colors stick together, not discriminate their own! What are we missing here? . . . . . I want to hear less of ‘everybody in my family says who will marry me with my skin color’ & more of ‘who’s going to marry him with that mentality?’ . . . . . Lets hope to see more Indian models in Brand stores like H&M, Zara, Etc because Indian women are gorgeous & we can accept & love the beauty of the west without desperately wanting to become them. Let’s hope that the dancers & extra’s in our movies get paid the same money as the foreigners. . . . . If we stop desperately trying to be fair, we’ll accept others & stop hating on those that are darker to us. Women I know have actually been rejected work because they’re ‘too dark’ & that sort of insecurity needs to be addressed. . . . . . As for those of you asking what I do to de-tan? Well… nothing. I’m not in a rush to remove my tan! I usually just let it wear out in its own time. I try to enjoy the new shade of colour while I flaunt it because whhhyyyy the fuck not? Other than that – Hydrate! And for the excessive peeling from the sun burn, try an after sun lotion – it worked for me. . . . . . But STEP ONE: Stand up for yourself! 🙂 #mySexyWalk #tanning #tan #sunburn #loveyourskin #darkisbeautiful #darkskin #selflove #selfacceptance #maldives #traveldiaries #waterchild #bluesky

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Feeling beautiful isn’t something that just happens

It’s not easy. I wish I could tell you it’s a piece of cake to love yourself (I wonder why they use the term piece of cake when it’s honestly the hardest to shed) but it’s not… it’s hard work. I still have bad days. Some days I wake up & I’m like, UGH. My body. Specially being on an Island is a constant reminder of what you're supposed to look like in a bikini – & what you… don’t. Some mornings are worse than others. It’s the arms or the stomach or 30 other 'flaws'. From your stretch marks to the darkest spots to those little moles. It’s exhausting, toxic, & so self damaging. But the thing is – self love isn’t just something you magically wake up to every day. Feeling beautiful isn’t something that just happens… not when we base our definition of beauty in the expectations of other people. Theres thousands of ads, brands, magazines, industries telling you what the standard of beautiful is – and if you don’t fit into those airbrush categories, you’re ugly. You need to ‘fix it’. When daily you’re being fed your standards of beauty, you HAVE TO put in 5 times the effort to tell your own self that you’re beautiful. You’ll still wonder why your arms look so big in singlets & why your stomach is bigger than your boobs, why your collar bones don’t pop out or your thighs… – It’s normal to feel these things as long as you remember to bounce back. . . . . . . . I don’t wake up feeling beautiful every day. I wake up, & I consciously decide that I’ll love the way I am. I also decide to try & maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it’s rarely about health is it? Girls don’t feel insecure bcoz ‘I've been feeling internally unhealthy' – No. It’s about how you look. Trust me, you’ll look different on different days from different angles! People will call you ugly. Sometimes to your face. They’ll ask you if you’ve gained weight, or if you’ve ‘let lose’. its OKAY. Don’t starve yourself. It's not easy. But then again, the sun rises & sets every single day & the beauty that you experience of this magical world, isn't easy either. When hate is all around you, no kind of love is easy – but it’s the least we owe to ourselves admist all this chaos. Love, Just another girl.

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Comfort is what I vibe the most with

For me fashion is all about keeping it real while still sticking to my vibe. I love wearing things that are often frilly/baggy and give me space to move – because who knows where my day will take me? Comfort is what I vibe the most with. Anything that sticks to my skin makes me wish I would’ve taken two sizes bigger and let it drop down one shoulder instead! I’m loving what @reliancetrends has done to my hair with #bohoembroidery – I’m such a sucker for floral prints and crochets! What about you? What’s your favorite style thats close to comfort but also makes you feel like the awesome gorgeous person you are? Leave me a comment & tell me your style vibes! #reliancetrends #boho #bohostyle #bohochic #bohemian #fashion #comfortstyle #love #selflove #getthemtalking #embroidery #embroideryart #galleri5influenstar B&W photo by @zackrosser

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#BeThe Change You Wish To See

I hope someday soon we won't need a day in the year to remind us of how strong, amazing and wonderful we are. I hope our thoughts will define us more than our boobs, and human beings all across the world will not feel the need to dedicate a day towards us. I hope a part of the body that belongs to both genders won’t be used to Slut shame us, I hope we can use our breasts more often to feed a child than to arouse a penis. And I hope, we ourselves won't have to speak for equality. Because we only fight for things that we haven't yet achieved… I hope we won't burn, sacrifice, suffer and insult our own. I hope there will be unity, for without that we are constantly at war with ourselves. I hope we won't have to hide… Hide behind the shields we've put up to protect ourselves. I hope… I hope that in this lifetime, I will raise children who will one day grow up in a world where we won't need this today, but we'll celebrate it anyway, and wish each other happy humans day <3 #everydayiswomensday #bethechangeyouwishtosee #internationalwomensday #equity #equality #genderlessnipples #feminism #womensday

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Just Talk About It

Saying ‘when you put up photos of yourself in bikini’s then what’s wrong with 45 year old men sneaking photos of you on their phone, tum khud bhi toh dikha rahi ho’ is like saying ‘you have sex with a man of your choice, toh phir what is wrong in others doing it with you too?’ It’s an insensitive, baseless, bulshit argument. ‘You were there shooting in a bikini, you were being photographed anyway… toh phir whats the problem?’ Yes, that’s called consent. That’s part of my job. Last time I checked, my job wasn’t to help 45 year old creepy men wank off at night. No girl should have to be liable or responsible for that kind of shit. Walking down the street, wearing what she likes, living her life – she’s not asking to be porned out. Hell, even if she’s making videos with her boyfriend with HER consent – she’s not giving the rest of the world the right to leak it OR watch it OR jerk off to it. The concept of consent is warped to most people over here. If you are a man and you want to release yourself, use the god damn Internet. It is filled with porn. There’s plenty of material there, truuuuust me. Don’t invade other peoples lives without their permission and then blame it on them. #consent #talkaboutit #women #mybody #speakup #india #goa #girls #everydayindia #talkaboutit #educate #awareness

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Love the way you look, look the way you love

I feel like a fly today. Also, body goals are really simply trying to be fit & do yoga & swim on a regular basis. I’ve never been the kind of girl that likes to spend any time in the gym. But i like other forms of exercises. Like most normal ‘potential’ healthy people, I have good days & bad days. My cheat days last longer than I mean for them to & I’ve given up on resolutions. I love food. I’m like a dog – I cant say no to food. I live to eat – you can separate the abs from Saloni but you cant separate the multiple different cuisines from entering my stomach. I have days when I feel bloated, other days when I curse myself for not sticking to my routine & maybe drinking too much. But then I also have days when I’m really proud of myself for working out & reaching the goals I’d set for myself. I don’t care about having a tummy as long as I know I’m regularly exercising in ways that suit me best. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to store, but every body is also different. Some people are heavier & others are petite. Some big boned, some bigger on the thighs. Having a 36-25-34 doesn’t make you ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ – it just makes you ‘hot’ as per social standards. But is that really the aim in life? On my bestest of best days, even when I feel good about myself & I manage to swim AND do an extra 30 minute of Yoga – by magazine beauty & Insta model standards I still feel like pathetic. If I’m being styled by a designer that wants to put me in tight clothes that don’t fit my body type, I still feel ‘big’. If you let other people decide your definition of beauty for you, you’re going to feel ugly no matter how you look. So stop looking at super models & regimes that ask you to starve yourself. Separate yourself from people that ask you to ‘eat lesser’ or ‘get a bikini body’. You have a God damn body, & if you can get into a bikini – then Voila! You’ve got a BIKINI BODY haven’t you? Set your own standards to beauty.. & let it start with aiming to live a healthier better life instead of aiming to look like the girls in posters & movies. That’s not real. That’s not always healthy. Nor is it fun. Love the way you look, look the way you love. Yours, ?

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Life is like a Bra

Revisiting words that changed my life. 25/06/2016 "Life is like a Bra…" And women need to be more open about their sexuality. Whichever absurd person decided that it would be okay for a man to roam around shirtless, in his boxers, but girls can't even be seen in a Bra – surely did a hell lot of damage to our society. Did you know there are still people who have a problem with a girls bra strap showing?! The strap?! People that don't like it when the shape/color of your bra is visible underneath the top you're wearing. I've been around a few such diseased people & you can't tell that they're affected by this narrow minded disease when you first meet them. They look normal. They make you feel wonderful at the start. They're the ones that follow models on Instagram & watch porn. They seem… open minded. They'll talk to you about feminism & global warming. And trust me, it's usually that "Bra Strap" that arouses them in the first place – then BAM! You're being told its "just for me to see". You should dress more "appropriately" in public. If you meet these diseased people, you could A. Send them to a Doctor, or B. Ask them to go fuck themselves. I honestly don't see what the problem with lingerie is? I wear it. Yes. Am I suppose to act like I'm NOT wearing it by hiding it completely? It's a piece of clothing that covers my breasts. Just like a skirt covers my legs. Or sleeves cover my shoulders. What's the big damn deal? The term breasts? Is it a girls Boobs that make this world uncomfortable? Are men THAT weak? I mean trust me, it's not like our boobs are holy or sacred. They're just…part of the body. Stop asking women to feel uncomfortable about it. Our breasts are not our "respect & dignity". Men flaunt their chests, while girls won't even hold a Bra in their hand publicly. Well.. I will. Because I'm not ashamed of it. I have nothing to hide. Lingerie is not something that needs to be hidden. In fact, it's quite pretty, isn't it? I'm tired of women themselves feeling like they've to be ashamed of everything. Pads. Tampons. Lingerie. Our body. Our desires. Sex. Let's put an end to that. Free the god damn mind. #freethenipple #equality #women

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