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They Could Do Anything For “Bharat” But…

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Ali Peter John

Is Salman Khan also losing the magic like the other big Khans? That is the big question that is worrying even his most dedicated and devoted admirers. And they have reasons to. They have seen their super Khan failing in film after film in the last few years. Salman Khan, the super hero who once guaranteed big-time success has not been able to make his magic work in big films like“Tubelight”and“Race 3″and was showing signs of failing in some of his earlier films too. But, “Bharat”which was an Eid attraction also turned out to be a disappointment right from day one. The producers and others associated with the film which is said to have taken recourse to every kind of new ways of trying to attract the audience as the piece below will show. Should this kind of a thing happen to one Khan who is supposed to be the most popular and saleable Khan? Read on…..

Bharat 1

Salman Khan’s“Bharat”was released on the occasion of Eid and the fans across the nation went all out to support their favourite Bharatiya hero leaving no stone unturned. In order to show their love, the fans offered free services to the public in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi.

While the auto-rickshaw drivers in Mumbai offered free auto rides to the travelers if they showed them the tickets of“Bharat”.A restaurant in Mumbai same name as the movie, is gave away free food and hospitality at their eatery when the visitors flashed“Bharat”movie tickets to them.

Another eatery, ‘Bhaijaan Hotel’ in the suburbs of Bandra gave 25 percent discount to their visitors on food when the foodies in town got a ticket of Salman Khan’s film.

The fan frenzy reached new heights when the fans organised an elaborate Rajyabhishek at the Gaiety multiplex in Mumbai with Salman’s posters.

bharat 2

Recently, a fan in Nashik had also for himself to render his love towards ‘bhai’. Much before the release, the advance booking had seen a massive high as well. There was a rush amongst the fans to grab the tickets and the frenzy was all over!

Salman has a loyal fan base across the country- overseas and this undying support from the fans is a testimony to the fact, how ‘Bharat’ Salman’s craze gripped the people all across the nation, yet again.

The Eid release,“Bharat”has Salman Khan’s six different looks ranging from a young circus champion to a 60-year-old man where he is spotted donning grey strands of hair which is reflective of his journey in the film.

I normally don’t take opinions of self appointed critics and analysts, but I strongly feel that I must make an exception in the case of Marukh Mirza who was one of the three brothers who formed the hit team of writers, Mirza Brothers in the 90’s through 2000. Here is the way Marukh puts down the plus points and minus points of “Bharat”…..

bharat 3

*Plus Points:*

  • Film is very rich in all the departments of film making (locations, photography, sets, costumes, lavish production designing in most of the shoots etc.
  • The end is the biggest plus of the film.

*Minus Points:*

  • Everything is below average, be it acting, direction, story, screenplay, dialogues, set, music, costume etc. Audience has witnessed partition drama & refugee camps in 100’s of films before.
  • Not even once.. audience would feel like blowing whistles or clap !
  • Film shows 6 different time period of Salman’s life, out of which only the childhood role was played by the child artist and rest all were by Salman Khan in which he is highly disappointing.  Who would like to see a 70 year old Salman Khan in 90% of the film duration? No one!


  • Katrina Kaif has ill-defined role which does not suit her. In the entire film, she looks too old and even after spending more than 18 years in bollywood, she can hardly act. Thank god Priyanka Chopra left this film!
  • Disha Patani has only one song and 2 scenes wearing modern and sexy outfits. Who the hell wore such dresses in 1960s! Totally wasted.
  • Sunil Grover who is a comedian, does not have a single scene to make you laugh.
  • Jackie Shorff, Tabu, Kumud Mushra and others are fully wasted.
  • Director (Ali Abbas Zafar) claims that the film was first narrated to Salim Khan which was highly appreciated by him. One would wonder how Salim Khan could love this nonsensical and miserable script? (lagta hai bhang ke nashe mai narrate ki  hogi). Ali’s direction is simply boring and full of stupidity,  lifted sequences from“Pirates of Caribbean”, “Kala Patthar” etc.

bharat 6

  • Even though the censor certificate bears 167mins, director deleted it by 13 mins. Hope he had scrapped the full drama only.
  • In the entire film, hardly any action is visible .
  • Film is based on a weak sentiment which doesn’t go well with Salman Khan’s fans. In fact, emotional scenes are too weak and do not touch your heart. (It’s only in the climax that Salman meets his sister Tabu).
  • From the beginning till end, Salman is in search of his father and sister which is extremely tedious to watch.
  • Film is too lengthy. Editing (Rameshwar S. Bhagat) is well below average.

bharat 5

  • Music (Vishal Shekar) is a complete disaster; none of the songs is a chart buster.
  • Original version ‘An Ode to My Father’ was quite serious but in ‘Bharat’ adding nonsensical drama and low standard of  stupid comedy killed the soul of the film.

“Bharat” fails to evoke any patriotic feeling. National anthem( lifted from super hit film, “Dangal”) is forced into the drama which for obvious reason doesn’t go well with the audience.

This has been almost a common view and opinion about the film till now, and now only God and the prayers and good wishes of the fans of Salman Khan can save “Bharat”.

And the way the films of the three Khans, Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman have been treated by their devotees in the right times for the over fifty Khans to think about what they do in the times to come before time runs out for them.

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