“They teach us to become better humans”, said Meet’s Ashi Singh talking about her pets

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Ashi Singh from Zee TV's Meet with her pets

Zee TV's popular fiction show, Meet, has made a special place for itself in the audience's hearts, presenting the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who questions societal norms of gender roles and proves that there’s no work or responsibility that a woman can’t take on! While Ashi Singh has been acing the role of Meet Hooda, and Shagun Pandey of Manmeet post the 1-year leap in the show, the new twists and turns are keeping the viewers hooked on to their television screens.

Ashi Singh from Zee TV's Meet with her pets (1)

In the upcoming episodes of the show, the viewers will be in for a high-voltage drama where Manmeet will be seen trying to save Shagun (Sumit Singh) by breaking the door of a room because she is trying to burn herself and stopping Meet Hooda from leaving Sarkar house. The show's cast has been shooting back-to-back, and sometimes with a hectic schedule, it gets very tiring for all. Fortunately, along with family members at home, Ashi Singh has a couple of fur babies who turn her stressful day into a relaxed one as soon as she reaches home. Ashi has 2 dogs named Tilly and Joey, and one cat, whose name is Dobby.

Ashi Singh from Zee TV's Meet with her pets (1)

Ashi Singh mentioned, “I have always been fond of animals and after getting Tilly, Joey, and Dobby in our life, the whole vibe of the house has become cheerful. It is literally like we have three kids in our house and just like them, we want their attention all the time. All my life I have grown up with some or the other pet and bringing these three was like a cherry on the cake. I must say we always need to treat them with proper care, and it is indeed a big responsibility for all of us. One of us always tries to stay back at home to take care of them and give them food at a suitable time. These three have now become core members of our family and are stress-busters in our life. I feel they teach us to become better humans in their own unique, innocent way. Playing with them makes me very happy, they have become an integral part of my life."


While Ashi is enjoying these little moments with her pets, viewers are in for high-end drama in the forthcoming episodes.

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