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Jyothi Venkatesh

This birthday was rather special for Vidya producer Mahesh Pandey. The producer turned a day older this Sunday, April 5th, when the entire country lit diyas and candles on PM Narendra Modi’s orders. This made Mahesh really happy. “This was the first time that everyone in the country lit diyas on my birthday. This birthday will always be special for me and I will always remember it. My wife, Madhu and my son, Bihaan, especially baked a cake for me and we also lit diyas at 9:00pm. Then we had an amazing dinner and played games together. Of course, my friends and family, as well as my colleagues, wished me. It was an amazing day!” he says.However, the producer missed celebrating this special day with his parents and friends. “Except for my wife and son, I was not able to meet anyone else, be it my close friends or even my parents or the rest of my family. But that’s okay, let this Corona finish first, then we can celebrate as much as we want,” says Mahesh.

He says that he always loves celebrating his birthdays like this. “There have been one or two years when I have thrown big parties. But then, soon I realised that I don’t really like celebrating this day with so many people. So now I make sure to celebrate only with my close friends and immediate family,” he says.Meanwhile, talking about future plans, Mahesh says, “I am focussing on how to take my production house forward. I am also working on the storyline of my show Vidya. I am working on the script for another show called Hum: Ek Makaan Ek Dukaan, which will come on Star Bharat. I am also working on some new concepts. We have also made this Bhojpuri film called Gabru recently. I am re-editing it right now. I am also making sure to take care of my health as well as my family’s. That is so important right now.”

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