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This Film Is Quite Different From The Previous Films; Its More Personal: Sylvester Stallone

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After four decades of the first release of Rambo, it is time for John Rambo to confront his path and come home.  We have all known ‘John Rambo’ to be a rustic and ruthless character, constantly at war. With ‘Rambo: Last Blood’, it will be the last time that the viewers will get to see a thrilling, intense, an iconic character and a reluctant hero on the big screen. John Rambo will commence on his final war with ‘Rambo: Last Blood’. But, this time, John Rambo will come home and will be seen in a family setting.

For Sylvester Stallone, returning to Rambo was an opportunity to explore some unexpected facets of the character and adding to that he shares what has defined him “Rambo had been so isolated for so many years, and now he’s part of a family. That dynamic helps you really understand how he thinks and what makes him tick. This film is quite different from the previous films; it’s more personal.”

‘Rambo: Last Blood’ will be the first time when John Rambo will be seen in a family setting. It will touch upon and open up parts of Rambo’s life that the audiences had never seen before in the franchise. John Rambo will be in his ruthless combat, revengeful self, but this movie will also depict a human side of the character ‘Rambo’.


In the film John Rambo teams up with a reporter to save a kidnapped girl from a vicious drug cartel in Mexico. The film surely promises a lot of high scale action packed scenes and will be surely a visual treat to all the Rambo fans in India. This is the fifth and the last instalment of the very popular Rambo franchise.

Along with the veteran war actor Slyvester Stallone, ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ has an ensemble cast of Adriana Barraza, Oscar Jaenada, Paz Vega, Joaquin Cosío and many others in significant characters. The film is directed by the ace – Adrian Grunberg. ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ will be releasing on 20th September by PVR Pictures and MVP Entertainment.

Watch Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood in cinemas from 20th September, 2019!

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