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Jyothi Venkatesh

In an effort to not let the lockdown dampen the spirit and celebrations for Friendship Day this year, NESCAFÉ and Disha Patani are urging the youth to chill at home with their perfect chill buddy, NESCAFÉ ready-to-drink cold coffee. Bringing alive the crisp coolness, this brand has once again reminded the youth to ‘Chill Karo and Phir Start Karo’ (Chill and start again) through a fun video of Disha Patani’s at-home #MeraChillScene. The campaign, which is currently running on social media, aims to urge coffee lovers to share their #MeraChillScene moments ranging from sipping sundowner cold coffee to enjoying a chill coffee break while reading a gripping novel. In the video that will go live on Instagram on Friendship Day, Disha Patani enjoys her favorite music album with her trusted buddy for chilling at home, highlighting how chilling by yourself can be made perfect with NESCAFÉ Latte, Intense and Hazelnut.  

Sharing his views on the campaign, Vineet Singh, Director – Dairy, Nestlé India said, “Socialising and the comfort of ‘chilling together’ is really the core of friendship. We understand that youngsters may be missing this today. This Friendship Day, we want to lift their spirits by curating all the fun and cool ways of chilling with their trusted friend, NESCAFÉ Ready-To-Drink. Disha, with her dynamic personality and cool attitude, has conveyed this message in an engaging manner.” Celebrating friendship, Disha Patani said “I am glad to have found a chilling buddy in NESCAFÉ Cold Coffee packs, that lets me reboot during hectic days. I hope youngsters everywhere are inspired to chill again and create their versions of #MeraChillScene this Friendship Day.” #MeraChillScene is a National campaign and amongst the biggest contests of its kind by the brand, securing over 1600 entries of what the fans are calling ‘Chillspiration’ posts. The brand, which has been an integral part of friends ‘chill scenes’ all over the country, has also engaged with an exciting mix of fashionistas, artists and comedians as part of this campaign.  

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