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Jyothi Venkatesh

While the self-imposed isolation is the norm and actors who are always out and about are confined to their homes are making the most of their time.

 Shweta Rohira, who was last seen in Bharat Dabholkar’s playThat’s My Girl is making the most of the self-quarantine time. The petite actress is reading up on her favorite authors, doing yoga in the comfort of her house and also making beautiful Ek Onkar painting to connect to the divine.

 Amrita Prakash, who is seen in Patiala Babes, is discovering the joy of aerial work-out to keep herself fit when the city gyms are shuts.

Kettan Singh seen in Apna news Aayega is rediscovering his hobby of playing guitar.

The fit and fabulous actress Parull Chaudhary is actively indulging in her favorite pastimes such as reading, working out with weights and some home-made face masks.

Amal Sehrawat, seen in Choti Sardarni, is honing his chess skills and also passing it on to his son Krishay.

Dipna Patel, who plays the lead in Shubharambh, is making the most of this time by perfecting round rotis, tending to her cat and also practicing yoga.

Simran Budharup is spending her self-quarantine time looking after her pet.

Actor Sharad Malhotra is spending quality time with his wife Ripci Bhatia. Shivin Narang is busy reading a book.


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