This new member in Aishwarya Khare’s life is taking all her stress away

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This new member in Aishwarya Khare’s life is taking all her stress away

Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi has been in the news for all the good reasons since its premiere. Making their way into the audience's hearts, Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti aka our very own #RishMi have become household names. Recently, viewers witnessed how Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) broke Lakshmi’s (Aishwarya Khare) trust and they are getting divorced. And now, with everyone planning Rishi and Malishka’s (Maera Mishra) wedding, Lakshmi has also agreed to get married to Balwinder (Annkit Bhatia). With these exciting twists and turns, it will be exciting to see the upcoming track of the show.


The show's cast has been shooting back-to-back scenes, and with that, the set's
vibe can get a little stressful for everyone. But fortunately, there is someone new in
Aishwarya Khare’s life who is making her life less stressful and more joyful! This new
member is none other than her pet dog ‘Barfi’. Aishwarya has always been fond of
dogs and wanted to get one for herself for a while now. And finally, this year when
she just went to see some puppies to welcome home, she picked a baby and
decided to become a pet parent for life.

Aishwarya Khare mentioned, “I’ve always been fond of dogs, and I also have one
in the Bhopal house whose name is Noddy. But since I have been away from home,
I never really got to spend time enough time with him because I stay here in Mumbai.
But I have noticed how happy Noddy makes my parents, so I thought of getting this
bundle of joy for myself too. I am so excited to become a dog parent for the first time
and honestly, it is a very big responsibility. Initially, I got very scared, my sister and I
were not very sure if we could take up this responsibility, but then, we just decided to
go for it. I think we will be good parents to ‘Barfi’, he indeed is a baby who makes us
feel like parents of a new-born. We are already so attached to him and in a positive
way he has turned our world upside down.”

While Aishwarya is all set to enjoy her little moments with Barfi, in the upcoming
episodes, viewers will get to watch how the Oberoi family is preparing for Malishka
and Rishi’s wedding. While Rishi is still missing Lakshmi, Lakshmi has agreed to
marry Balwinder. Will Rishi let Lakshmi get married to Balwinder? Or will Rishi and
Lakshmi unite again?
To find out, tune into Bhagya Lakshmi, every Monday to Sunday,

8:30 pm only on Zee TV!

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