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Though a senior, eijaz khan is definitely the khiladi of bigg boss


Jyothi Venkatesh

The competition in the Bigg Boss house is getting intense by the day. While some inmates lose their patience easily, a few of them know how to keep their cool, even when irked to the core. Eijaz Khan is, inarguably, a topper on that list, given his calm demeanour and strong self-confidence. This is one of the main reasons why he’s being touted among the strongest contenders, with a chance to bag the title.

Apart from being a disciplined inmate and a hard taskmaster, Eijaz knows exactly how to respond to various situations. For instance, when Ekta Kapoor visited the Bigg Boss house recently, Kavita Kaushik, a Bigg Boss contestant, was given a task of mimicking Eijaz. “Kavita and Eijaz aren’t really on good terms in the house. When Kavita was mimicking him, it seemed more like a mockery. But it was surprising how Eijaz didn’t lose his cool and he was actually enjoying the act. His patience and maturity was applaudable,” says a source.Bigg Boss has always been all about standing strong even when the going gets tough. And Eijaz surely knows that formula well.


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