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Though I go beyond the script in comedy I’m a complete director’s actor, says Delnaz Irani


From theatre to TV and films, actress Delnaaz Irani has done it all. Even after being in the industry for over two decades now.

She doesn’t mind going by the book and follow the director strictly, however, she confessed that with comedy it’s different – Jyothi venkatesh

“I am very much a director’s actor, you tell me what to do and I’ll do that” Delnaaz Irani

Comedy comes naturally to me so I go beyond the script in comedy otherwise I am a complete director’s actor.

In comedy, it’s impromptu, and I do a lot to the character. I feel it’s up to the director as well as in how well can you leave the artist, otherwise certain people are like ‘no just stick to what is told’ and I am happy with that as well,” she said.

Known for her perfect comic timing, Delnaaz has also garnered the audience’s attention with her performance in shows like “Choti Sarrdaarni” or Tata Sky Adbhut Kahaniyan’s “Hijack”.

She shared that she wants to do characters that are interesting and leave an impact on the viewers

“I want to portray exciting characters. I always say comedy comes naturally to me, but besides comedy, I would love to do a negative character or play a conventional mom to the hero or the heroine in a social drama.

I wouldn’t mind doing a feel-good show wherein there are some characters which are like basic, they are neutral, they are neither negative nor positive, it could be a grey shade.

I am open to all kinds of roles now, I don’t want to stick to just one thing,” the “Kal Ho Naa Ho” actress said.

After doing over ten films and close to twenty-five TV shows including reality series as well, she admitted that it doesn’t take her much time to shift from one character to another, in fact, once the camera is off she easily comes back to her real self.

“I am a complete switch-on and switch-off actress,” Delnaaz Irani

“I have had situations in life where I was not very happy, I was going through a turmoil and I would still go on the set and do comedy.

Once the camera is rolling I am making people laugh, and doing comedy, but the moment the director says ‘cut’, I am on my phone doing my thing which is probably very different from the character I am playing.

So I am a complete switch-on and switch-off actress,” Delnaaz said. But when it comes to choosing a project, she is not a picky one and accepts whatever comes her way.

She stressed that being an actor her main aim is to be seen by the audience, even if it is in a two-minute cameo.

“A lot of things interest me like money is important, but the character is most important” Delnaaz Irani

Delnaaz Irani

“I don’t say no to work or projects. I love my work. But a lot of things interest me like money is important, but the character is most important.

It should be interesting in terms of something for me to do even if it is like a small role. To be very honest there has not been a single project that was not worth my while,” she said.

“Even if the smallest of the small role comes my way I usually take it up because I know I’ll be seen and loved in that role.

I will be appreciated even if it is a two-minute cameo. I am very confident that I will bring a change even in that two-minute scene.

I am very confident about my craft, my appearance, my presentation so I generally don’t say no to projects that come my way,” Delnaaz concluded.