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Through “We’re All Mothers, In More Ways Than One”, BIBA Presents A New Vision On Motherhood

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BIBA, the leading ethnic apparel brand, launched yet another stereotype breaking advertisement this Mother’s day to celebrate motherhood. The new digital film, titled “I am a mom too”, extends the thought of motherhood in a unique manner, explains how age defines a woman’s motherhood. The film cherishes and appreciates a woman’s motherhood in multiple ways and not just in a mother-child relationship.

The film opens with a conversational setup, with the question “what it means to be a mother?”. The women in the film are aged from 10 to 35 years and each of them has a unique thought on being a mother. The interviewer then asks them if they are a mother. They all agree and reveal their babies which include not just a small child but also a cat, a start-up, a science project and a sunflower. In the end, the film encapsulates the message- “We’re all mothers, in more ways than one”.

Sharing his take on the film and congratulating all the women for being amazing nurturers, Siddharath Bindra, Managing Director, BIBA said, “BIBA as a brand has always inspired and motivated women to think out of the box and celebrate themselves the way they are. This digital film is our way of celebrating motherhood in all the women out there, who have put a lot of hard work and nurtured their babies over the years, whether it’s their child, pet, work or their garden. We wish all the ladies a very happy mother’s day and cherish their efforts all along.”

The film is conceptualized by Brandmovers India, is a part of the ‘Gamechangers’ series films which aims to challenge and uproot age-old stereotypes.

Commenting on the new film, Suvajyoti Ghosh, Chief Creative Offer and MD, Brandmovers India says, “At a time when everyone in the advertising space is talking about taking the load off of mothers, we wanted to put out a clutter-breaking message which talks about the bigger picture. This film helps initiate a new school of thought. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to emphasize on the fact that women are the ultimate creators and nurturers and though their babies might differ, their passion for them, doesn’t.”

Adrijaa Sanyal, Creative Director, Brandmovers India and writer of the film added, “As a brand, Biba has always strived to inspire women, young and old, to view themselves with new perspectives and see more in themselves than society would allow. This film is just another extension of our endeavors to change the narrative for women and womanhood.”

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