Tiger 3: 50% discount on being human for three days on the occasion of Salman's birthday...

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Tiger 3

Tiger 3, the third film of the Tiger franchise, has so far collected Rs 400 crores and a few crores are still to be added. The characters of Tiger and Zoya have created a stir from Tiger 1 to Tiger 3. People like their pairing very much. Let us tell you what Tiger himself has to say about the film Tiger 3...

Salman, your film has earned Rs 400 crores, many congratulations to you for this, you have named this Diwali as yours, have you already booked the next Diwali, your fans are waiting for it.

The happy thing is that everyone has liked Tiger, many people have seen it, the picture is still in theaters and people are still going to watch it. Today is my father's birthday, what could be more joyful than this, and today my niece Alizeh has entered the film industry, and her films have also been appreciated a lot. This Diwali is really our Diwali.

Salman sir, your films always remain super-duper hits?

Not always but yes, they don't lose either.

Salman Khan Tiger 3

Salman Sir, this time the fans have burst firecrackers in the theatre, what would you like to say about these fans?

I would just say don't burst crackers. Don't do this at all. This has happened in many films. It doesn't feel good to do this at all. It is very dangerous to do this, it is not cool to do this at all. If these fans feel that by doing this they will earn any respect in my eyes, then it is not so. If they do this, it can cause fire and it can also prove to be fatal. I also want to say that milk should not be put on my posters, because I don't like milk that much anyway. If you want to feed milk then feed it to poor children.

Can we see a double dhamaal on your birthday?

The double blast has already happened. Right now no such film is being released, and I hope there is no such disaster. The 50% discount that we give at Being Human in December will last for three days this time.

Thinking in a humorous manner, Salman said, "Haven't I said three days too much?" Then he laughingly said, "But now that I have said it, we will make it done."


Sir, you recently said that success should never go to anyone's head, so have you said this from personal experience?

Yes. I feel that nothing should go to your head, neither failure nor success, because nothing is permanent. Everything has an expiry date. If you are successful today and that success goes to your head, then when you are not successful tomorrow, you will also suffer. You have to understand that when you become successful, you need to work harder. You have to work equally hard whether successful or unsuccessful, and this is what I believe in. There was a period when my films were becoming hits, so I started feeling that this would continue, but after two or three of my films failed, I understood that it is necessary to work hard. Your fans want to see your hard work onscreen.

Salman Sir, despite seeing you and Shahrukh Khan in Pathan, when they saw both of you in Tiger 3, the fans asked if Karan-Arjun had arrived, did you also get the same feeling? Would you like to share something about this?

If you like, we will share. (Jokingly)

Our off-screen chemistry is better than our onscreen chemistry. When you are looking so good onscreen, then imagine how good our off-screen chemistry will be.

Tiger 3 Big Update: Every Salman's fan should know this Tiger 3 Big Update: Every Salman's fan should know this

First of all, many congratulations to you, your film has earned Rs 400 crores.

These 400 crores and all the crores to come are due to the blessings of those fans and movie lovers who go to the theater and watch the film. I want to thank him very much. And what to say about those who are pirated.

Sir, nowadays people mostly spend their time on social media, so do you also spend your time on social media?

Rarely. When I look, I look for what's relevant and so only the things I like come into my algorithm. I don't see absurd things.

Salman Khan with his father

Sir, today is your father's birthday, and Alizeh has also made her debut. There is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere in your house, so how has your day started?

Yesterday I was working till late, so my morning started a little late. Wished Dad, then Alizeh film 'Farrey' had some interviews and finished them. It feels good when we produce something and people like it and especially when your niece is in the film and her work is being appreciated, then Tiger finds more happiness in it than Tiger. Then did a workout and came here.

People like Tiger's character and his franchise films, how close is Tiger to you as an individual?

Tiger lives above me, brother. Today is his birthday. When ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was released, my father told me, “Tell them, Tiger’s father is also alive”.

Would you like to say something about Katrina and your chemistry?

When you like a person, it automatically appears on the screen. People like the chemistry and romance that has been shown between them since Tiger 1 till now. People like a romantic song in a film and a dhamaal song at the end of the film. It is not that only Tiger is there in the film, but Zoya's character is also very important in it. Whatever Tiger does, he does it for Zoya and Junior and for the country. Zoya is very important and necessary for Tiger. People like to see all this. Everyone's romance ends after marriage, but Tiger and Zoya have kept their romance intact even after marriage.

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