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Tinder Reveals Game Of Thrones As Most Mentioned TV Show In Bios


What they say is true: If you want to know a generation’s true character, give them Tinder. Are we serious? Deadass.

Tinder did a review of the most used terms in bios across categories, including TV shows, food and celebrities. And, even though the world waits to find out who will reign supreme on Game of Thrones, Tinder knows this- GOT wins for most number of mentions in user bios.

Suits and Friends slide in at second and third position under TV shows, Drake, Ed Sheeran and Rihanna top most mentioned celebrities and Chai, Pizza and Biryani top the charts for most mentioned food terms in bios.

The data also uncovered many other rather interesting insights; Coffee, Netflix, Chill are the top 3 terms used in bios. Any coincidence about the order in which they appear? Tinder thinks not.  Special shout out to the term Feminist at number 5, welcome to 2019.

Wanderlusting or not, here’s a list of the most used terms in Tinder bios.

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