Training centers for cine artists started in Jammu and Kashmir

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So far, the film city of Mumbai – going to Jammu and Kashmir has been an attraction for Bollywood people, but those who are artists there used to wander after coming to Mumbai due to the lack of training facilities there. Now, their problems have been solved. Recently, RHYTHM of BOLLYWOOD (Rhythm of Bollywood) has started in Jammu. This training center was started by music composer Dilip Sen (of Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen fame) who went from Bollywood. Guitarist Deepak Pal, film director Devender Jadhav and many well-known faces from Bollywood, besides many local dignitaries, were present on the occasion of the school inauguration.

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Admission has started in Rhythm of Bollywood, this information was given by school director and Bollywood actress Rahina Khan. The rhythm of Bollywood has been started so that the artists of Jammu and Kashmir can take training there and work there and go to Bollywood. Singing, dancing, acting, and instrumental and Zumba will be taught in this center.

Composer Dilip Sen told on the occasion that he would visit this school every month and other established faces of Bollywood would also keep coming to share their experiences during the crash course and training. This school will help those artists whose dream is to reach Bollywood. Despite this, those local artists who want to work in the film but due to lack of adequate training are unable to take part in the shootings in Jammu and Kashmir, it will also be very beneficial for them.

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Admission and training in RHYTHM of BOLLYWOOD have been started. There is also a special arrangement for artists who are talented, poor, and cannot fulfill their dream of reaching Bollywood due to financial constraints. Apart from this, the artists trained from here will be trained in Bollywood and those who work here from there will also be trained. Short films and web series will also be produced in Rhythm of Bollywood, in which trend artists will get a chance from here.