Tumhari Sulu is a simple story of house-wife turned radio jockey Sulochna Dubey aka Sulu played by Vidya. Vidya and Manav's performances are mindblowing!

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Tumhari Sulu is a simple story of house-wife turned radio jockey Sulochna Dubey aka Sulu played by Vidya Balan. It unfolds the small world of the funny, positive middle-class housewife Sulu. She wants to do something in life, but unable to do it because she failed in class 12th three times as per the society and also her twin sisters.

Vidya and Manav's performances are mindblowing!

Sulu is a happily married woman busy in managing her life with loving husband and son. She found happiness in winning household things through radio contest and lemon-spoon race. Director Suresh Triveni perfectly used the actual personality of  Vidya Balan for Sulu's character. As always Vidya played her part perfectly and this time we can watch some glimpse of her actual personality onscreen like her distinctive laugh.

Her husband Ashok Dubey played by Manav Kaul is a true gem. I really don't understand why he doesn't get big roles in Bollywood films till now. Manav scores full marks for his different shades as a husband in the film, from a loving and understanding husband to jealous and insecure pati. He is an honest employee at a garment factory since twelve long years.

The supporting cast fairly supports the story of the film. All of them, from the channel head Maria (Neha Dhupia), RJ Malishka as Albeli Anjali and writer Panjak (Vijay Maurya) are good. Special mention to the ola driver, played by Trupti Khamkar who perfectly fits in the role.

It is a good effort by director Suresh Triveni to tell a story about a middle-class ambitious housewife in the first half, but the second half is unable to do justice.

The couple leads a happy married life until Sulu gets an opportunity to host a late night show called 'Tumhari Sulu' on a radio station. After which Sulu's life's new episode begins. She suddenly becomes popular as a late night RJ. But on the other side, Ashok is getting embarrassed by her sultry show. Sulu's orthodox family forces her to resign and the story loses its charm, as all the melodrama and sad moments begin. The film has lots of funny moments and some emotional scenes as well where you get tears in your eyes.

Director Triveni has taken care of every nuance of Sulu's life.

Overall, Tumhari Sulu is a fun film. If you want to have fun with family, then you can surely watch this film.

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