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Tv Actors Share Their Favourite Fan Experiences


From stopping them on airports to asking for pictures on the roadside, fans seem to crave for attention from their favourite actors, say TV actors to JYOTHI VENKATESH.

Avinash Mukherjee

I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Bachchan Sahab. So, a girl from Sri Lanka made some amazing edits of me, attaching their pictures with me. For me, it is never an invasion, as I feel it is a blessing for which artists work sincerely day and night every day and results of all those sleepless nights are our fans who love us so much. So I always enjoy and cherish them.

Dipna Patel

I have seen that 8 out of 10 times, fans ask and click pictures, so that’s not an issue. Also, if we are not well, we can just politely tell them that we are not comfortable. Someone asking for a picture on the airport is normal but once I was walking on the streets of Ahmedabad and suddenly a 2 wheeler came from the wrong side, behind me and stopped. This girl got off and complimented me for looking beautiful and also praised my film. She asked me for a picture, I was amazed as generally, people don’t recognise actors without makeup.

Sharad Malhotra

Once you become an actor or a public figure, you invariably end up giving yourself to the masses. The fans especially crave to know about your life and everything that revolves around you. Your time, the selfies, the autographs, they demand all of it. At times, they tend to intrude in the actor’s private space as well…I have experienced this on a number of occasions and distinctly remember one such time when I was quietly enjoying some quality time, having my favourite cuisine with my wife, listening to some soulful instrumental playing in the background after a gruelling day at a restaurant. A big family group, who apparently were my ardent fans, just barged into my space, uninvited and started taking selfies before I could even react. They flashed their cameras around and happily, walked out with a big smile on their faces.

Rohitashv Gour

 If we have fans that means there are people who appreciate us and our talent. If the skills are appreciated by people, we get encouraged. To have fans is really a good thing, it gives us a great experience and also motivates us to do better work. I have had many great experiences with my fans. Recently when I had gone to Shirdi, I met different types of fans there. It was an amazing experience. There were around a thousand people standing around me to meet me and there were some kids who were wishing me Happy New Year. I felt blessed. I have never minded getting clicked with fans. These fans upload these pictures and our popularity increases. That is such a great thing for actors.

Arun Mandola

A few days back, I was scrolling Facebook and suddenly I saw some a weird post where a girl had written that her laptop was addicted to something. When I opened it, I found my Facebook profile. I was shocked for two seconds and then I understood that a fan had made it. I was amazed by the fan’s idea to express her love for me.  I love whenever a fan asks me for a selfie. I love spending time with them.

Jasmine Bhasin

Everyone loves fan adulation. I am not different. Once a fan came all the way from Delhi with his mom to meet me and his mom had made 2 kgs besan Ke laddoo for me. I distributed these on the set! Wherever we go, fans come forward to click photos. I always cooperate with them. But sometimes, it can also feel intrusive if you are too occupied with something.

 Mohammad Nazim

 One of the most interesting experiences that I have had with a fan was that one fan had come from Pune. He followed me to the gym and told me that I was a big inspiration for him. He showed me his picture from his past, where he was 20Kgs heavier and he lost weight because he was inspired by me! Be it at malls, gym or even on the road, people come forward and click selfies with me. I love the attention and I respect all of them and thank them for giving me so much love.

Simran Bhudarup

I enjoy the attention that I am getting as an actor. It’s great to get so much love and admiration from fans. It feels like getting an award. Plus, I like interacting with my fans. I have a habit of talking with people when they come to meet me. I don’t feel any kind of invasion. People come to you because they like you and they look at you as an inspiration. People generally come, click pictures and go. Recently, my father and I went to Colaba and we were having omelette pav. Suddenly someone started peeping into my window, I thought people are looking at me because I had dressed up my dog and he was looking very cute. But to my surprise, when I opened the window, a person looked at me and asked, “Are you Savi?’ Later, there were almost 30 people there who wanted to click pictures with me. It felt really great.

Heital Puniwala

Fans are very important to me. Be it, kids or adults, all of them matter to me a lot. In today’s age, I see that our fandom increasing more within children. If they watch TV, they recognise people promptly and remember us. I have seen many adults who don’t come forward easily but kids come forward without hesitation. I would love to share an experience.  I was doing this show called “Maan Na Maan Main Tera Mehmaan” on Disney channel, which was very popular among kids. I had gone to attend an event as a celebrity guest and after the event, just when I was going to step outside, I saw that there were nearly 150-200 kids waiting to meet me. They had made a group and clicked so many selfies and pictures with me. I always respect my fans and so I don’t mind getting clicked with them.

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