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The most interesting fan experience was when a cute little fan came to the sets to see me. She was 8-years-old and she came with her mother.

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Jyothi Venkatesh

 Ssharad Malhotra

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The most interesting fan experience was when a cute little fan came to the sets to see me. She was 8-years-old and she came with her mother. And when I got to know that to make her eat food, her Mom plays my video, I was stunned. It’s great to receive such love from them. It’s great when you have such fans. Their adulation motivates us to work and they always give us a kick to perform in the best possible manner. So, fans are really important for me and what I am today is because of my fans.

Jasmin Bhasin


I remember going to Amritsar with my friend and it was a very short trip and I didn’t want anybody to know I am in Amritsar. So I quietly covered my face and I was walking towards the Golden temple from my hotel as my hotel was very close to the Golden temple. I don’t know, how but in a couple of seconds the crowd gathered and they recognized me. Everyone was so happy and overwhelmed to see me. My friend was so surprised and she had to act like a security guard as I was literally mobbed by people. But it was overwhelming to see such a lovely response from the public towards me. Fans are really important as they make you feel special. Every day the first thing we see in the morning is social media are love and wishes from our fans. So they motivate me and I get a kick to perform better. I give good performances in return to the love and support they give me.

 Zuber K Khan

Zuber K Khan

These are so many but the recent one was when I was going on the shoot and on one of check post. I was stopped by one policeman and I thought I was driving rash and he'll ask me my car’s documents or something but he had just stopped me to click a selfie with me.  I was initially shocked and then surprised.  In the end I was happy and so were they.

Atul Verma

Atul Verma

Well my most interesting fan experience was when I went for a shoot in Lucknow. It was  somewhere around 60 kms aways from Lucknow and we were shooting in a Haveli of some raja and suddenly one person came to me and asked if I am Atul Verma and I said yes and then he went to one lady who was the owner of that property she was wearing saree with a big pallu on her head and all of sudden she came to me in excitement and started talking to me in fluent English. She reacted with "Oh my God you are Atul Verma from Yeh Unn dino ki Baat hain", I'm so blessed that I am seeing a cast from my favorite serial can I please have a selfie with you" and I was zapped seeing a rural lady well versed in English and expressing her admiration openly.

Ankit Bathla

Ankit Bathla-

Recently, I had been to Indonesia for a holiday, the people there adore me so much that I couldn't step out of my hotel for the local sightings, though I was showered with so much love and words of appreciation which I will always cherish. I remember how a few school going teenage girls were very surprised and started crying when I clicked a picture with them. The fans also showered me with flowers and handmade cards.

Ira Sone

Ira Sone

Recently I was walking in a mall and one lady came forward and told me she remember seeing me in Desh Ki Beti Nandini. It was such an overwhelming feeling and a pleasant surprise. The impact of TV serials and the recognition it brings is huge. Whenever I am recognized it is always a pleasant feeling.

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